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Originally Posted by Chef Mama
I'm seeing these fall stamps & thinking how much I'd love to be coloring fall images right now. I think that's my favorite time of year to make cards. I love the colors & all the fall stuff. I like Christmas, too, but fall is just fun. Maybe b/c it's always when the temps drop below 90 for the first time in months here! Though there have been hot days even in fall around here.

Our anniversary is tomorrow. We are sending the kids to a friend's house so we can either go out or stay home or do whatever we want without kids. Natalie wanted to know why we needed all afternoon if we were just going out to eat. WHAT could we possibly be doing that would take more time? At first we were saying things like, "We might watch a movie upstairs and downstairs and run up & down the stairs. Maybe we'll throw a party...." and so on. Finally I said, "Well, remember that talk...." and before I could finish she said, "NO! I don't want to hear anymore!" It was hilarious! Did you ever think, when you first heard about THAT stuff, that YOUR parents never did that? I still don't like to think about it! LOL!

My tummy feels icky today. I think going through adjustments of the new eating stuff is hitting it. I tried some caffeine free coke last night & it tasted like syrup. Today I ordered a medium real coke & it tasted too sweet, too. I can't believe 4 days of no sugar would already make me think coke was too sweet, but that's good. Part of this diet (and by diet, they mean a way of eating, not just losing weight) is using less & less processed foods. Not that it's all from scratch cooking, but using fruit rather than sugar, or whole wheat (well, not for me) over white wheat. Tonight I made sticky buns (gluten free) for tomorrow morning using maple syrup as the main sweetener and "Challenge Butter" with fat free Greek Yogurt as some of the "fats". Each meal has a healthy fat in it, so the cinnamon rolls have pecans in them. Tonight I just did my own meal & made turkey burgers with just a little salt, no salt seasoning, low fat cheese, salad, and some sliced avocado.

Hope you all have a good weekend!
Happy anniversary!! And Happy BCBW!!

And that's awesome about the effect cutting out sugar has had on your sweet tooth. I really need to do that; I've tried a few times but just can't stick with it.

I have been doing a little better lately though. My usual breakfast for the past two weeks has been a smoothie made with a banana, vanilla almond milk, peanut butter, Greek yogurt and spinach. The first week I made it I accidentally bought the sweetened variety of almond milk, and used regular old Skippy peanut butter, and it was utterly delicious. This week I got the unsweetened almond milk, and used something called Better N Peanut Butter that I found at Trader Joe's. Way fewer calories and fat. The smoothie is still good, but not quite as delicious as it was. Still pretty darned filling though. And you can't taste the spinach at all, which is the only way I'll eat it! I'm going to branch out this week and add some different fruits to the mix. Now if I can only get my eating the rest of each day on track!
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