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Diane - I do it all the time when I'm mailing out things too - like bills or letters at work. I start doubting myself and have to tear open the envelopes to make sure (and they usually are right). I think I have a bit of OCD at times. But not about cleaning, I don't have it for that at all.

I really like those planners out of folders but you are right, if the fold is off by just a tiny tiny bit, it won't work right. So I gave up on them. I did sell a lot at the first sale I did but I won't do them again.

Mike's has pads of papers (and with a coupon they are not too expensive) and they all match or go together. But that is one of the reasons I like buying things from SU (and I'm a demo too so I get the discount) but it matches and I don't have to look for colors to go with things. It seems like colors are off enough that you can't make one company's match another's. Not that I think they are conspiring on any of this!

Anyone looking for the little rip off calendars (glued at the top) Taylored Expressions has them back in stock. They are 10 for $2.5 plus shipping. I was going to order off the ebay site someone posted here, and make my own, but she specifically says its for personal use, not for one to use on objects they are selling, so I didn't order the download. Plus, I just want to grab a pad and stick it on something and not have to make them this year.
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