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[QUOTE=RiverIsis;19605961]I think it is a really relevant consideration. I have wondered that myself. How can a company treat their customers this way over defective products and still be in business in this economy? I have a PTI designs wishlist longer than a football field but I have never taken the leap. I had issues with another company (that finally got resolved very satisfactorily) and that left a sour taste for me. Even put me off using the product which I had purchased, so I wouldn't even contemplate starting the process with a company with such known issues.

I have been a lurker on these boards for a while, and have followed this post, as well as others complaining about PTI. I have also been following the boards at PTI for a few months. I am well aware of the problems with PTI that many customers have posted about. The reason I decided to post today is because I keep seeing the recurring question that with all the problems that PTI has with customer service, how can they still be in business. Although I don't have the answer to that question, I can say why I'm still a customer of Papertrey Ink.

I have been a PTI customer for about 1 year and have only been stamping and cardmaking for a little longer than that. I heard about them on some You Tube channels that I watch. I have a somewhat limited crafting budget, so I'm not able to order every month. But 90% of the money I spend on this hobby is spent on PTI.

During the year I've been their customer, I have ordered from them about 8 times. Every time I have ordered enough to get the free shipping, and only once I've ordered during release time. I don't really mind the shipping delays, but I don't like buying things impulsively. I rather think about it for a while and if I still want something a month or 2 after, then I buy it.
I have been happy with everything I have ordered, and have never had any problems.

With that being said, I know that with all the problems I've heard about I'm taking a chance every time I order from them. So why do I still choose to spend my money on this company? Frankly, because I have not been able to find another company that has similar products that also suits my style. I absolutely love every single product from this company, and when you compare their products with other of the same quality, theirs have a much better price, and when you're on a budget, that matters. But the one thing that really keeps me is the design of their stamps, and all the projects that are made by the design team every month.
Although, I have search every company that 's been mentioned hear as having comparable product to PTI, I have not found a company that has stamps that even come close to their innovative designs. I don't color nor own any Copic markers, and I really like that with their multi step stamps you can add color and depth to your images by just using different color inks.

Do I worry that I may have a problem with my order and that it may not be resolved to my satisfaction in the future? Yes, but for now at least that doesn't keep me from ordering. I like their product enough that I'm willing to take a chance, and I'm sure there are many more people like me. And that is at least in part why Papertrey Ink is still in business.

I may be naive, but I'm still hopeful that they might eventually improve their customer service issues.
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