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Originally Posted by DianeCraft View Post
I have made a good start on some of my xmas show items.

So far, I have mini glass magnet sets, 450 1 1/4 inch glass magnets, post-it note holders and tic tac snowmen.

I do the magnets and post-its every year, but with different styles. The tic tacs I didn't do last year, but people were asking for them because I did them the previous year.

I need to make more hair clips. A lady came by my house the other day. She had nought some of the clips at my last craft show. Well, she bought 21 sets from me this week. That was kinda cool!

I need to pick up some mini comp books. The large ones don't sell well for me, but I decorate the mini ones and sell in a pack with a mini gel pen.

I don't have any pics posted yet on my web pages, but have taken some. Will try to get to that later this week. The photo taking and uploading is honestly the worst part of making all these crafts!!

What have others done so far?? Anything??

My bigger notebooks don't sell as well as the little ones either - not sure I'm buying any more of them - I have a bunch to use up anyway - I guess I'll see how they go.

I thought my 100 or so pebble magnets was CRAZY, you have WAY more than I do. But they are so fun to do, I kind of got lost in doing them - putting the magnets on was the 'hardest' part for me.

I saw y our hair clips on your web page, can you share how you did them? They are really cute. Not sure I will do any put we have some little girls in the family I may make for gifts.

I did get some little hair clips from some site (for free with an order) and they have a place on them to add something to - its a bobbie pin type of hair clip - and they came with little flowers. So I think I will glue them on and sell them - just cause I have them. I didn't even notice them in the package, almost tossed them with the packing.

right now, I only have pebble magnets, some tile magnets and key fobs done. I can't think of anything else I've done.

But this weekend I'm crafting like a mad woman! Its been too hot to do anythign in my house and now its cooling off a bit. I hope to do some notebooks, some pedicuare kits in a tin, sewing kits in a tin of some sort, teacher stuff, start on some coaster calendars and fridge things. Figure out tags and gift card holders too so I can start on them soon. Tags take me FOREVER to do but they sell for me so I need to get some of them done. Hopefully I will have things to share on Monday!

Although I do want to see Batman too!!!
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