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Default Update: wedding is over and the two nasty sisters

Hello friends!
My son's wedding last weekend was fantastic and went off without a hitch! I was so proud of him, his wife, and my other two children. I have posted before about the issues with two of my sisters and wondered if you wanted a wedding update? So here goes:
I have two brothers. One drove 10 hours with his wife and two children to attend the wedding, stayed two nights in a hotel, and had a great time. Another brother drove two hours to the wedding and reception and also enjoyed himself.
I have three sisters. One flew in from Dallas (wedding was in Minnesota) and she left today. I love her so much. Such a kind and gentle soul! Then there are the two other sisters You might remember them from my mom's party. They went back and forth "we are coming" "we are not coming" for several weeks. Finally, my mom told them we need a commitment to guarentee the food. I was nervous about this as the dinner was about $35 a plate and I could see them RSVPing yes and not coming. Nastiest sister sent my son an email saying the four of them would be attending. My son sent back this: Dear ******, We are so happy that you are coming to our wedding! We are looking forward to seeing you! I know you have some kind of issue going with my mom and I trust you won't be involved with any awkward displays or exchanges that might spoil the biggest day of my life. Thanks and see you soon!
Well , somehow she turned that into a RUDE AND NASTY EMAIL and they weren't coming (I admit I was happy to hear this although I did worry that they would just show up) and the other sister sent a nasty email to my son saying "since your mom has made this all about her, we will not attend" followed by a few nasty comments about me. My son was angry and sent me his drafted email in response. I asked him to please not send it as it would just fuel her fire and that was what she wanted. So he didn't. Neither attended the wedding. Neither has sent a card either.
But the wedding was more than lovely! I will soon post some pics of things I created for the wedding..... if I can figure out where to post them.
Thanks for letting me share with you! I wish I didn't have such a dysfunctional family (at least those two) but I believe I got their point. Sounds like they are done with my family.
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