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Originally Posted by meeyore151 View Post
I hate the words trend or trendy because to me it implies that it will have a very short shelf life (all I can think is that Grandma must've thought that orange shag carpeting was trendy when she had it installed!). So I'm one of the ones who says jump on the trend train if it's something you love, skip it if you don't, and just use what you want whether it's trendy or not! I skipped the pennant parade, avoided mouthless children (although sometimes think if would be nice if my DD did NOT have a mouth, but that's another thread), jumped on chevrons and hexagons, you'll have to pry my butterflies out of my cold, dead hands, and love all things Wizard of Oz - if someone doesn't think my card is trendy enough they can toss it in the trash. But they'll still know I cared enough to make and send them a card!
What is wrong with Orange Shag carpet? ROFL!

I guess what boggles my mind about crafting trends is that I use to be a little Fashionista. I was all about trends in Fashion. I still enjoy trends in Fashion. Vogue is my bible. I spend the money on French, German & Russian Vogue too. This is why I don't have a big stamp collection, lol.

I can see why trends are so big in the crafting industry. The big difference between the crafting industry and the fashion industry is that the trends in the crafting industry every single company jumps on and shoves it in your face. High Fashion industry tends to go for more unique. I am not saying there is not shoving in your face of trends in the fashion industry but it's more the knock off market. Crafting industry everyone is doing Chevron. Everyone is doing it the same style. By the time the "Season" is over a lot of us are just over it.

I guess it's the same concept of hearing a great song on the radio the first time and it becomes a hit then you hear it every single hour. Ten years later that song comes on and you still turn the radio, lol.

I have always wondered if the crafting industry if the companies jump on the trends because if they do unique the company will get pushed in back and not noticed as much?
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