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Lightbulb stamp binder storage

Originally Posted by mobrien207 View Post
WOW! I love this idea. I use iphoto and can do this easily. But, how do you store the stamps in the binder again? I have CTMH acrylics that adher within their envelopes to a transparency sheet. Then, lots of wood mount SU that are in boxes. Finally the cheap acrylics and some other odd wood mounts.

Do you buy clear plastic pockets for a 3-ring binder and slip the stamps in that? I think I'm going to start taking photos and entering key words today. If fact, I might even go so far as to try and take a pic from the catalogs and get card/page ideas along with the pics of the stamps.

Thanks for the great idea.
hi mob! i buy the "[in] place" brand heavyweight clear page protectors from office max..the ones that have a tab at the top that closes the sheet protector and keeps items from falling out. they're archival quality/acid-free as well. i put them into 2" black 3-ring binders, and label each binder with a number.

for the "mini"/single sized stamps, such as the studio g stamps, i trim them if needed and keep them in baseball protector sheets; each sheet holds 9 (or 18 if you do them back to back, but i don't). if they want to snag on the corners a little, and i've trimmed the side all i can without getting the stamp itself, i'll just nip the bottom 2 corners of the storage sheet with scissors and they slide in and out very easily. you don't want to get them TOO loose in the divided sections, though, or they'll slide out. another option is to use mini glue dots and attach the included paper to the storage sheet - gives it a bit more heft and they won't want to slide out. but i haven't had much of a problem with this at all.

for the stamp sets that are the size of hero arts, paper smooches, lawn fawn (i believe they are 4x6), the storage sheet often is already attached to the backing paper; I leave it and trim the top of the packaging but retain the name/brand of the stamp set for reference. i fold the page protector in half vertically, roll up the bottom half and slide my stapler in and place 3 staples along the horizontal center line of the sheet protector. then on the bottom half that i created, i carefully cut through the front part of the sheet protector to create a slit next to the binder ring which runs vertically; this allows me to slip 2 sets of stamps, back to back, in the bottom portion, and they won't slide out when i open the book and turn the pages, since the opening is near the spine; for the top half, just put in the two sets, back to back, in the top opening and close the flap at the top. these heavyweight sheets stay closed very nicely and this is a great system for this size of stamp set, and you can easily keep 4 sets in each page protector. i have a habit of putting them in the same direction so they're not all wonky when i turn the page (viewing flow).

for stamps such as inkadinkado (the taller, narrow sets), i do the same but staple the page protector in a vertical line down the middle instead of horizontal. i trim the cardstock packaging insert and page protector to just above the height of the stamp set; again, making sure not to cut off the name of the stamp set... and these are not attached to the packaging paper, so i use mini glue dots. again, this holds 4 stamp sets per sheet protector and they are very easy to access and browse.

for anything not of those sizes, i use glue dots and attach the storage sheet to an 8.5x11" piece of white cardstock. i write in the brand/set name and often you can put 2-3 sets on one sheet of paper. again, back to back if they fit comfortably (and they always have for me).

i only have one CTMH set (and wow i love those stamps - they are such great quality!) and hate to take them out of the envelope they're in, so i just dropped the whole thing into a page protector and closed the flap at the top so it doesn't fly out. [i've done the same for my 1 set of Gina K cling stamps...] this may not be ideal.. but it works for me since i only have one of those i did see several different videos about storing the CTMH clear stamps in their envelopes in a similarly sized basket - you could do the same thing, and tie a tag onto each basket and give it a number or title, and still use the same keywords idea.

for clings, i placed a full-sized piece of chipboard (usually the kind that comes in the package of sheet protectors i buy) inside the heavy-duty sheet protectors (even more important for cling storage) and i put my clings directly onto these, front and back. as long as you keep them clean, they should stick very well. if they don't want to stick, wash the back of the cling, and the sheet protector (wipe with a damp cloth), dry, and it should stick like new again. however, i do keep this system in zippered binders so if they do not stick, i am not losing any stamps - and the dog fur in my house can't get to them either. mini clings/sets can also go into those baseball card sheet protectors, but again i keep those in the zippered binders just so they won't fly out of the sheet protector pockets.

the basicgrey bitsy stamps are a bit trickier - i had bought various sizes of photo sheet protectors, thinking i would like that system for differently sized sets, but they don't tend to stay in place as well. i may end up using a tiny piece of velcro at the tops of the few that i have used. instead, i would suggest using a full size sheet of cardstock and mini glue dots and a regular sheet protector for those.

i'm thinking for all of your wood mounted ones, they're in clamshell packs, right? so just fill baskets with them, in a filing style, so you can easily view the labels on the top edge.. then label each basket with a number or letter. i like this storage system a lot better than trying to categorize each stamp within a set. just put them into "something" - then make a note in your description field as to where it is (basket/box/binder 1, 2, A, whatever.) that's all i put into the description, so it's very easy to see - and i enter all the stamp images/sentiments/"descriptive thoughts" (ie hats, clouds, flowers, Girly, funny, love, summer, etc.) into the keywords section.

for all of my woodmounted ones, i title them with "wm" at the end of the title... same for cling. for the woodmounted ones it's easier for me to store by category since they're individual. i keep background stamps together, and put my seasonal-specific ones into specified storage boxes (like the photo boxes from Michaels) and label teh front - val day, christmas, etc. these are jsut for the wood-mounted ones and i am not missing out on using any of those because they are seasonal (as opposed to the clear sets, which may include stamps you'd use for other projects but if they're with the christmas items, you may forget you have some sentiment or image that isn't actually christmas but is in the set and would have been perfect on a project!) (this was at the heart of my categorizing predicament to begin with.) so, i have my woodmounted stamps that are christmas in a box along with my christmas punches. the rest of my non-seasonal and non-background woodmounted stamps are just loose in two drawers of a narrow plastic tower, and it works fine for me. i'd try baskets for your SU sets...each one would serve as a binder of sorts.

this is just my way.. and i like it so far.. i don't ever see myself using a clip it up, so i have no problem getting rid of the celophane they come in.. and it works for me! let me know if you have any more questions! oh - one last thing - you don't have to take photos of all your stamps! put them into your binders. then take a binder at a time, while you're watching tv or something, and just surf the web for each stamp set. then save the photo of the stamp set. only take a photo and use that if you can't find one online.. i've only had to do that for a very few (and those few were value minis)! i crop the photos as well, once i have a batch in, so they're very easy to browse in iPhoto. for instance, some of the basicgrey/hero arts stamp sets' images are of the packaging at the top half of the photo, and the actual image sheet of the stamps on the bottom half - i crop it just to show the actual image sheet, so it's bigger and they're all the same size that way as well. of the ones that i have had to photograph myself, i also crop and edit them if necessary, so they're easy to view as well.

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