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Originally Posted by dini View Post
OHmygoodness, we NEVER get tired of talking about pencils!

I sooooooooo agree with Jessica about the Cra-Z-Art pencils.... I actually bought a set just out of curiosity and the kids don't even like them! LOL.. They are a scholastic grade pencil, and the wood is very poor quality. Nice color range, and they're inexpensive as a starter set... but definitely not artist quality.

I think what I like about the harder lead of the Polys is that they allow you to layer lots of colors with a lighter hand. I DO miss my Prismas though... we are going to have a happy reunion in 5 more weeks!! It always strikes me funny that I am on a marker DT when I prefer pencils and watercoloring... but whatever. I have never had blending issues with the Mexico pencils - the only problem I've had was a pencil with a loose lead (the whole lead pulled out). While you're waiting for them, find yourself an electric or battery-operated pencil sharpener, because Prismacolors do not come sharpened, and you will strain all your coloring muscles if you have to sharpen them all by hand.

That cracked me up! My dd knows she can't use my pencils BUT she wants too LOL..she says " they color much better" HA!

I think often times, people use inferior products and get discouraged with their coloring when in reality it is the materials..NOT always the person. I know it happens with anything..from baking and cooking to drawing and coloring. I know not every one can afford a lot of everything at once ( ie, the whole set of Prismas), but when you are talking pencils, but GOOD, buy small to start and slowly add on.

You know Dini , I think having the harder lead in the Poly's is what throws me . LOL. I do like them and think they have a fantastic color range...and also seem to reach for them more with fine detail work because the lead IS harder. I just really need to spend some more time getting to know them I guess .

I personally, will be glad for you to be home too..LOL..I miss your "stuff" for you HA!
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