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Originally Posted by Samantha View Post
Does Butch have strong anti-nausea meds on hand? I know all chemos are different but the side affects to increase as the time goes by. Hopefully he will do OK with radiation but the chemo is another matter all together. I don't know that he can sleep through it as with me it would come in waves at different times. The anti-nausea meds helped a lot. They made me tired, but so what. My friend, who has brain cancer takes Temodar and she gets very tired and does have some nausea. But everyone reacts differently.

Can you use a State Certified Birth Certificate that they will put the embossed state seal on it. I would think that this should be legal for any purpose. A lot of people don't have the originals.

I wish you lived closer for treatments and DR appts. Please take care of yourself too. The stress of being a caregiver can take its toll. If Butch takes a nap, try to take one too. Eat well even if Butch can't eat much.

Lots of hugs and love.
Sammie, this whole process with the doctor is quite interesting. He only gives the information he knows we need when we need it. In other words, no mention of nausea meds yet.

Let me illustrate this for you. Starting yesterday, each Tuesday we will meet with the doctor after the treatment in order to cover additional information and to have any questions answered.

At yesterday's meeting, he mentioned that with hubby's tumor having been so close to the surface, he may experience more radiation skin burn than most people. As a result, it is recommended he use baby shampoo as it is less irritating. So far, no skin damage. I already knew about the shampoo--yeah--I research a lot. The doctor had not mentioned this at our previous consults. If necessary, he's to use a cortisone cream on any irritated skin and he is always to wear a hat if he's outside long--something he has always done.

Doctor has mentioned the nausea should be significantly less since dh is taking the meds at bedtime. So far, hubby has only had a slight hint of nausea. It goes away when he eats something. Even though the doctor hasn't mentioned the acceleration of the nausea, I have told hubby what to expect. While he has been doing some research on his own, I don't know if he's gone into the side effects of chemo beyond discovering it can cause constipation. Yep, now he's worried about the other end!

Tomorrow is the long day--treatment in the morning, run home to grab bite to eat, dash off down the road to VA in Martinsburg, long string of various appts. then the slog back home, hopefully in time to let Abby out before any accidents occur.

Hubby is working diligently to get the remaining fence section up for Abby. Two sections of fence and three gates to go. He's fencing in quite a large area, mostly with utility fencing (it fades into the field and the woods) but the area around the house is the white vinyl picket stuff. My sister found some at a garage sale two years ago and insisted I buy it. At the time, I was a bit ticked that she insisted so strenuously but now I'm glad. Each section runs $45 at Lowe's and I got five sections at the garage sale for $25!

The most difficult part for hubby is digging the fence post holes. Hard-packed clay beneath a thin layer of topsoil. What would have taken him a few hours before he became ill now takes two days. After the first day, I told him to water the hole and let it sit overnight. He thought I was crazy but it works! Hopefully he will be done (and yes, I'm helping when I can) next week and Abby will be off her run to chase her Frisbee to her heart's content. Uhm, the cats will be soooo surprised! Right now they know the limits of Abby's run and manage to stay clear by a few feet.

This weekend we plan to take Abby to the lake up the road. Her first foray in swimming. The weather is supposed to be beautiful so this should be a fun outing.

Thanks for all the well-wishes and good thoughts.

I want to write another post about clinical trials since StmpSusan mentioned the one in Hershey. Interesting stuff I've found out about clinical trials. Might be of interest to others since all clinical trials go through similar procedures.

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