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Thanks again, everyone.

Sammie, I didn't look for the thread today. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night (went to sleep around 2:30 and woke at 6:30). Today's appointment went well as far as I know. Since they were taking pictures (X-ray, CT scan--no clue) I wasn't permitted to go back with Dh.

Radiation starts tomorrow--along with the Temodar. I am NOT looking forward to the possible side effects. Dh gets nauseous on boats, fair rides, if he tries to read in a car, or when he sees me getting a broken bone set. Considering he's going to be ingesting toxins, this could get a bit hairy. Hopefully by taking it at bedtime, he'll sleep through the worst part.

We had to rearrange a bunch of appointments today due to the scheduling of the radiation therapy and a too-close appointment at the VA hospital. We already had an appt. on the 31st for blood work, Rx refill, neurologist and oncologist but they had also scheduled another appt. for June 4th. We clocked it last time. Took a little over an hour and forty-five minutes--87.5 miles one way.

And Abby will be going with us for the RT on the 6th. Dh will go in for his treatment while I stay in the car with her. She's scheduled that morning to get spayed. His appt. is for 9:15 and her drop-off time is 9:30-10. Not quite enough time to get from the cancer center, back home to pick her up, then back down the road to the vet's office. Sheesh. That should be an interesting week.

We applied for RR disability by phone today. Interesting process...hmmm.
Lady says they need original birth certificates. I haven't seen mine in decades and have no clue where it is. So I asked if a copy was okay. No, gotta be the original. What? A copy from the Bureau of Vital Statistics isn't' acceptable? Oh--oh, yes! Of course it is!

Can you see me roll my eyes?

I have a pile of thank you notes to finish, dishes still in the sink (I did half) and am too pooped to finish tonight.

Going off to saw logs with dh.

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