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I didn't understand why he couldn't call it in to a local pharmacy either, but it was okay to fax it. Whatever! The doctor did order a full prescription from the VA distributor which will come through the mail. Today he simply ordered a smaller amount to hold dh until the full script arrives.

The good news is that the radiation oncologist has been pushing the VA (and his nurse) to get an answer from the VA. The thought of dh having to go to DC for six weeks was awful! With so little time left (according to prognosis), I don't want us to spend any time apart and neither does he. With only SS coming in, there is no way we could financially afford to board Abby or the cats for six weeks plus put me up in a hotel/motel for that long plus pay our regular bills. While we have some money stashed, it would never cover all those costs plus pay residual medical bills and household bills. The preceding is why people say, "no one can afford a brain tumor."

Yes, life has become quite different since the diagnosis. We do a lot more kissing and hugging!

You'll love this, Sammie. Dh has always said everything he knows about romancing a woman he learned from Pepé Le Pew. When his first seizure, the one that landed him in the ER, was slowing down and he was able to speak again, he grabbed my hand, kissed it, then left a trail of kisses up my arm. When he reached my elbow, he looked up at me and told me he had been so afraid he'd never see me again. This was before the diagnosis, of course, so we kind of laughed about him being melodramatic. We know better now so we don't pass up an opportunity to cuddle, hug or kiss. (Our kids would probably barf if they read this.)

Back to the Valium--the doctors have been working together to get dh the meds he needs. The radiation/oncologist can write the order, send it to the VA doctor and the VA doctor can then send the order on to the pharmacy. It works, just a bit slower than usual. If they would simply put refills on the dang script there would be no problem.

No, I don't think the two week thing is so the VA doc can see him. He explained it is due to the cost (somewhere between $250 and 400 per pill). Because of the high cost, they don't normally keep a large quantity on hand. Each patient's prescription has to be special ordered.

I think about you two daily, Sammie, and hope I have as much courage as you have shown.

Many hugs,
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