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Right now the DRs are working to find out where in the small intestine that food is being trapped causing the bowel obstructions. His PC DR wants him to be able to eat before they start on the liver. He can't swallow the camera as they are afraid it will get stuck somewhere so they have to do a follow through after drinking stuff. They think it will take several hours for it to work through his small intestine.

Of course the liver DR wants the opposite. He wants to do a liver biopsy but that will come sometime after the bowel follow through. He is quite tired, weak and anemic due to probable blood loss. We will keep up on the testing for that.

It's just frustrating right now as I want them to make him better (as you already know with Butch, RS). He seems to be slowly losing ground as I do.

He has a period of pain about every 2 days and then will drink Ensure until he feels safe to try to eat anything. I don't know much more. He doesn't have cirrhosis but something is wrong. It's just that they don't know exactly what is it yet. He is more shaky than usual, balance is off and he sleeps a lot during the day. So I worry a lot right now.
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