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I have never met my demo either I have worked with 3 all together in a little more than a year!

Current Demo: We have never met, but I talk to her on the phone; she calls me generally a few days after my order arrives to be sure everything arrived safely and if I have any questions. She also sends me an email with ideas on how to use whatever it is that I just ordered. I don't even know where I found her, isn't that sad? Just came across her blog I suppose and it went from there. This upcoming catalog will be the first big one and she has told me that she sends to all her customers and did not mention anything about charging me.

Past Demo #1 was a friend from work. She had a horrible Up Line who did absolutely nothing to help her out or guide her or anything, I don't know that she ever even spoke with her after her first order arrived! She was a Demo for all of 6 months. It was sad. I felt really bad for her. I remember her first party and I was close to tears because she was so all alone, no one to cheer her on and encourage her...nothing. I jumped in about 15 minutes into it and did what I could to help but it would have been nice to have someone with more product knowledge helping out. She always sent Thank You cards, though, which is something First Demo never did

First Demo never followed up. I ordered from her only 2 times because I swear, I did not even know if she was actually a Demo! Don't get me wrong... like most people, the best thing a salesperson can say to me is "Goodbye" but I think of SU like any other MLM and you have to at least have personality and follow through if you want to get anywhere at all.

If only there was a way to know ahead of time if you are dealing with an actual Demo or a Hobbyist who really is not in it as a business venture, that would be nice.
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