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Dh has had a few mild seizures over the intervening time, but starting yesterday he increased his dose of Keppra, as per doctor's orders. May take a few days for it to work. We have a way to go before we reach maximum daily dosage, so it may have to be increased again or another med added to the mix.

In all the time we've been married, the one thing sure to set my husband off is biting the inside of his mouth or lip while chewing. The seizures are focused in his facial muscles and during the initial seizure, they caused him to bite his tongue and the inside of his cheek. These smaller seizures are doing the same thing but to a lesser extent. With little relief from them, his mouth has been very sore and the inner tissue swollen, making it much more prone to be bitten. This makes for an anxious and frustrating situation, especially as mealtime approaches.

In my first post to this thread I failed to mention my bil. I had called my oldest sister the night my husband went into the hospital to let her know what was going on and when surgery would be. She responded that she didn't want to tell me but she had to so I would know why she and her husband wouldn't be there for us--her husband had just been diagnosed with colon cancer and would have surgery two days after my husband's.

Before my bil could have his surgery, he developed a painful right leg and could not put weight upon it. Several days passed, and surgery was postponed, before doctors could find the problem. Bil ended up having an angioplasty on his leg and his colon surgery was pushed back to May 2.

In an email last night, my sister let me know he is now home! They are still waiting to hear on the lymph node biopsy. I'm hopeful it will be good news.

My bil has been a member of our family since 1962 when he and my sister started dating. That was the year my sister contracted rheumatic fever and nearly died. She was in the hospital for weeks and he would run his paper route, then walk all the way across town to visit her in the hospital. They've been married for 45 years and faced a lot of challenges, both physical (bil's open heart surgery two years ago) and geographical (job relocation 3000 miles away from all family).

Not much else to update except we go back to Martinsburg on Thursday, this time in my own car, thank goodness. While I love my youngest daughter and appreciate her taking us last time, her back seat was a torture chamber for this old lady.

Thank you all for caring so much. Now go give your hubby, SO or favorite dog/cat/guinea pig a big hug.

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