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Originally Posted by tigerlily55 View Post
Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison WI is Dan Barkers home base. He is a pretty good debater since he knows the bible inside and out. It is interesting to read a book by someone who was so devout and ended up atheist.

The thing with the nuns shouldn't really surprise anyone but it seems like major cognitive dissidence to me -

Nuns working for social justice = Bad?

Someone pointed out that the church is the longest lived, currently existing institution. That alone should make people worry. This article and this made me realize the church has never cared about the poor. They only care about expanding their power. Remember Liberation Theology, Wrose? Why are they exhorting Catholics to protest contraception but not go out and Occupy Wall Street?
Wow, I heard of it but don't remember the term. But yeah that's what I was vaguely involved in for a few years, in the very early seventies. I didn't know all that other stuff, but it did seem that things needed fixing. The one priest that was very involved with the youth of the area was chastised to me by my uncle, a priest, who thought this other priest was wasting his time by not getting a parish. Yeah this other priest was wasting his time visiting the inmates in the local jail, spending time with the youth, working with the poor.


My uncle was more business man than priest. He was not a bad person, but he spent his time running a parish, not ministering to the poor and disadvantaged.
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