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Originally Posted by raquelita_uno View Post
The current Vatican crack down and the 50,000+ American nuns who are part of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious has be SO riled up. These old men need to get a grip on reality if they plan to salvage what's left of their fold. .

Me too! I think they look like complete and utter fools, and I wonder, "what's wrong with you that you think ANY of this is the right thing to do, on any level other than a really ugly one?"

Anyway, I haven't been around for a while, but I came to let you know about a book I'm reading: Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists, by Dan Barker. A few years ago, someone here (Wrose, probably) mentioned a book by the same guy called Losing Faith in Faith, and I've looked for a copy ever since, but I had no luck. The book I'm reading came out in 2008--not sure why it hasn't crossed my radar until now. It's an update of his earlier book. What I like about this, in comparison to some of the other atheist books out there by Dawkins, Hitchins, etc., is that Barker comes out of the evangelical movement.

And to answer the question from a few pages ago .... yes, the more education I had (both formal and through my own reading), and the more exposure to other ideas I got, the less I believed in God. So I can see why education and letting your kids interact with non-believers is scary to some religious people. In my case, I had serious philosophical doubts back to before I was in kindergarten, and all through my life, but I wanted God to be true. It finally got to a point though where, in order to believe in Christianity in particular, I would have to give myself over to faith on too many issues. I was prepared to use faith for a handful of other wise nonsensical things. But it's like a water balloon with a very small hole. Okay, I can plug that. And the second, and the third . . . but hundreds? The theory doesn't hold water, as the saying goes.
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