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StampinWrose, I swear, you need to get outta my head!!! I feel exactly the same way and you say it so well! I say it all the time, if there IS a God, He does not care what building you worship in, what songs you sing or if you go trick-or-treating on Halloween! I think it is just ridiculous that there are people out there who really think someone is sitting on a big throne saying "Sally did not go to church today because she was out drinking last night! BANISH HER! MUAHAHAHAHAHA" Then, there are people who, in their heart of hearts believe that if you don't go to THEIR church then you won't go to THEIR Heaven! Oh, you might get into Heaven, the outskirts, but to get into Heaven, the big city, you have to go to our church and become one of us.

My husband says that religion was created to give people a conscience and to make people feel better about people who have died. In times of unrest, something needs to be done to get people on the right track again. So...Do these things and you will be considered a good person; Good people go to Heaven and bad people don't. If you are good and go to heaven, other good people will be there to greet you and blah blah blah, y'all know the rest.

I used to liken the big guy to George Burns in Oh, God! the movie. Comes down to earth and picks out some regular guy and tells him "Hey, things are a mess. This is what needs to happen to clean it all up." sort of thing. Not a powerful image that appears and tells someone that there needs to be a new religion. I don't think that was how it happened with Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Smith or Moon...I don't think it happened to Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or Jim Bakker and I don't think it happens to people today. Yeesh, I feel myself getting a tad bit hostile...perhaps a glass of wine will help Anyone got some water? teeheehee
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