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This reminds me of a Star Trek episode....
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Originally Posted by CraftyMel2 View Post
Reminds me of a line from House...You can't be angry at god and not believe in him at the same time. I swear when I heard that line, I thought they were talking to me (That's why I remember it after such a long time) I think there are lots of people who feel that way, I think it is only natural if you have ever had religion in your life. I mean, I think the anger is just par for the course. But what made that anger turn to non-belief? I think that something, somewhere, CAUSED believers to become non-believers. Something happened to make us question the existance. To those who never DID believe, that would not apply but for anyone who made the switch and went the other way, I think it's more of a response or a reaction to something that has happened in our lives than just a curiosity.
I love House for the way they've posed some of these questions and situations.

I have to agree. It's like couples - love and hate. If you hate, you still care, in some way. If you don't care, it's completely over.

I don't have that hate. I've only been an atheist for - less than ten years. It's definitely been just a kind of thoughtful awakening.

I know the history, the Crusades, the Inquisition. If you are in a loving church atmosphere, I think it's easy to understand that all institutions have had their bad times. A church is more than just belief in God, it's an organization that grows and can be easily corrupted by greed and power. Back in the days when the church was so powerful, in Europe, they fed the poor, they paid the artists, there was nothing without the church. The corruption comes when leaders in church decide who they will and will not help. It can be something simple like turning away people of one race or color. Or it can be in abuse of the helpless (don't even have to go back to the Middle Ages for that!).

Anyway. That's the institution.

The problem I have with the personal god is, it makes no sense to me. If there is a god that created what the Hubble Telescope has shown us, the vastness of an incredible universe, then I have a very hard time believing such a god could really care whether a human on this earth kneels in prayer, or prostrates himself. I can't see this god caring if you sing or dance or go to movies. I just can't believe the pettiness of religion. So if I can't believe in that kind of god, what's left? Something like The Force?

And apparently all those years of watching Star Trek episodes (not the original series) had an effect, too, which I simply didn't realize at the time. The questions that are posed and dealt with ... I could probably wramble on for awhile but you get the idea. If god is something like the force, then it doesn't matter if we believe in him/it or not.

Either way, religion is a goner in my book! Ha ha ha
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