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Originally Posted by Stampin Wrose View Post
I hated it when I was a kid, and just thinking of it, not great, but not quite so bad. I have not minded some incense at home on occasion, but DH hates it so I pretty much only burn it if he's not around.
I normally don't have much of a problem with incense in the home, if subtle, and I generally love aromatherapy products and quality scented candles (but never dollar store vanilla or lily!). With the Catholic mass incense, it's different. Part of it is psycho-psychosomatic, I'm sure, but not all. And some of it is that I think it's a foul smell . . . but the burning eyes and throat have got to be from the smoke itself. I can't imagine it's good for people with asthma. I have noticed that they lay it on especially thick at Easter (not so much when we go at Christmas).

The Irish government is looking into this, since they have workplace secondhand smoke laws, they think this falls under the same thing. From what I found on the internet, it does lead to respiratory cancers, but one has to have a lot of exposure. Apparently Buddhist monks are hit the hardest.

There was a moment in mass when the priest flicked "holy" water at the crowd, and I whispered to my daughter that if it hit me I'd start screaming "I'm melting, I'm melting . . . " Before I was an agnostic, I was taught that all these Catholic rituals were little different from witchcraft (and by that they weren't referring to actual Wicca, but something more amorphous and nefarious), so it all fits together.
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