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Thanks, Parkes! I always go back and forth on what to say in cards because I have many friends who are deeply religious and don't realize that I am not In reading past posts and the original thread burried on page 3, I guess I could take a minute to formally introduce myself Here goes...

I have never "come out" so to speak. My closest friends and family are well aware of where I stand but casual friends are not. People who don't really know me probably think I am a nut because I am probably the only Athiest who listens to the Catholic chanel on sattelite radio! I like to refer to myself as a "Fallen Catholic". I was brought up by a Catholic dad and a Methodist mother and baptised as Catholic when I was about 11. Mother died when I was 12 and I went to live with my devout Catholic aunt and uncle. Left home, married a Muslim. Had a baby, divorced him, got engaged to a nice Jewish boy. Broke it off with him and found another fallen Catholic who has held my hand as we have both jumped off the cliff and into what we now call being Anti Theists. I have not been a fan of organized religion since I was about 15 I suppose and flip-flopped back and forth over whether or not I actually believed in God until about 6-7 years ago. I don't, for the record, believe in God. I have a picture of Jesus at my desk at work because my boss gave it to me when I was having hard times and since I know it meant so much to her, I have kept it there right where I found it one morning when I came to work. It does not bother me that it sits sits right next to a fabulous quote from Archbishop Dolan so I feel like it's in good company. I have a daughter who wants to be baptized as a Mormon when she turns 18 and hopes that one day I will be saved and feel the love in my heart that she feels in hers. It pains me that she wants to become part of ANY religion, much less that one, because I do believe that religion is all about mind control and I always considered her far too independent for that.

That's my story. Hope I did not bore you all to death!!
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