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Hello my ladies! yes, i know major MIA!!!!!

feel like i am almost ready to start the new year...what month is it???!!

so, let me see..... we went to visit freinds in tasmania in january which was great. while there i got my hair (below my bottom) cut off ( now a sort of layered bob just under my ears). wow, i realyl LOVE it!!!! took alot of people by surprise! has given me a bit of a chance to redefine myself!!..much more mature looking - sort of like i have grown up for change!!!

mmm, february, not too sure about that month. think we got some school work done! started to think about our trips.

...mid march, my FIL went into hospital. went up for five days to see him with ken (DS). brett (DH) also went up just before us. came back to have my parents here for three days - just survived!! (my dad has dementia). just after they left brett went back to brisbane. .., we are now in the last few days with bretts dad. ( he has had not food or drink for about 4 days now) he has a very rare brain disease (Prion disease or sCJD for you nursy types!). extremly quick decline. he is 79, so he has had a good innings. MIL and FIL have been married over 50 years. some family members taking it harder than other of course, and of course, we are only at the start of the process. brett is up there now and will stay til after the funeral. ken and i will go up near the funeral and stay to help after. ...kinda weird to be waiting but knowing!.....

...when bill was diagnosed we were told he had up to six months - so we put all our ideas about travel on hold. still will delay i think. with brett being away from work so much he will have to have some time back before going away!

generally otherwise ok. we tried to change kens medication (with dr's suggestion) one last time and he got sick - so i wont try that again! he will have to add another medication next year as puberty comes. i think we are making some head way in kens learnign generally. his reading is starting to come. he can now read some readers. getting a bit quicker with his vowels. his math is coming on too. but tehre si so much we WANT to do that we alwasy seem to have such a long list it seems like we will never do it all! we have done some canada lapbooks and he has ideas about other stuff he wants to learn for that, so that is good. mostly, he is coping very matter-of-factly with "Ra" 's impending passing. ("Ra" stands for "revered ancestor" the name my FIL chose for himself when he had his first granchild!) hey, the guy has a sense of humour!

some of you may rememebr i said i had decided to join up with Norwex, selling microfibre cloths and personal care stuff (by party plan). i missed alot of the early incentives but am still really enjoying it! ..and i think my house is a weeee bit cleaner! but it always amazes me how clean OTHER people keep their houses and they want me to go and demonstrate at their house ! LOL!! - i have a hard time finding the dirt, but they all talk as if my house is immaculate, - it makes me laugh!

craft...mmm! havent done much, but have made a few cards for things that i have had to do... maybe a total of 5 cards in 4 months! but nice to know that when i need to i can just walk in and do it - all waiting for me! sure i will get a chance SOME time!!! at least my spending has decreased!!

not much else i can think of from this end. we are still looking to go to canada (and visit you Ina!) just wont make it for canada day as planned!

and i do enjoy the email updates i get even if i dont get here to drop in and say hello.

much love to you all. hopefully next time wont be so long!
love stephanie xoxoxo
Stephanie ....................
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