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I was on the internet looking for information about broken Vagabonds and came across this thread. I overstuffed my first one after having it for 8 weeks. I called Sizzix and freely admitted it was user error and told them I would be happy to pay for the repairs. They said they don't repair them. I told them I felt it was unethical to make such an expensive machine that is so delicate that one mistake can completely destroy it and then refuse to repair it. They gave me a song and dance about how their attorneys won't let them sell anything electric that someone can get into the electric part at home. I went round and round with them, nicely, and they said to send the machine back and they would look at it and if it couldn't be fixed, they would see what they could do about getting me a new machine. Four weeks later I received a new Vagabond (and kudos to Sizzix for that). Yesterday, just two weeks after receiving a replacement, I heard the dreaded POP again and my new machine is now dead. Yes, it was user error. After checking and rechecking my sandwich, I still had it wrong. I over stuffed the machine and that was the end. My husband and I both had the same idea for a product improvement - it should have a gateway that overstuffed sandwiches couldn't pass through. I really don't think the keys are going to do the trick. It needs to have a smaller opening and if your sandwich is thick enough to damage the machine, it wouldn't pass through.

What I was really looking for on the internet is someone who could repair it, but didn't find anyone.
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