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Originally Posted by SophieLaFontaine View Post
Greg, you do not have to resist this urge. If you tell me that these feelings ARE spiritual, I would take you at your word, because as I said before, I have NO IDEA what spirituality IS. I had the impression though, that spirituality MUST be um... "deeper"? Satisfaction and contentment are concepts I can easily grasp, because I have felt them. I can easily see that spirituality would INCLUDE these feelings, but... it MUST be something MORE...? Or not?

This is why I don't think I've ever had a spiritual feeling - otherwise at the first mention of the word, I would've been able to summon up a memory of feeling spiritual.

I remember times when I've felt overwhelmed by breathtaking wonder and awe (seeing Paris for the first time). Probably that is the closest thing ever that I've felt to having a spiritual experience. Walking amongst French-speaking crowds, hearing the beautiful language just tripping and falling over me - that beautiful, wondrous, ethereal language which MUST have been invented by angels whose business is pure beauty for the sake of beauty... the phrase "a balm for my soul" came to mind (even though I also don't know what a "soul" is). Hearing the beautiful words and phrases spoken by strangers to each other expressing perfectly common things - having those words and phrases slide in through my ears and flow through my veins... I've often wondered if the resulting magic of that is what Christians mean when they say they have "Jesus living in their hearts" - if it feels like magic coursing through their body. So for me it would be the French language (spoken by NATIVE French speakers from France) instead of Jesus.
Hey Sophie, I don't know what others mean by spirituality, but the things you describe above are what I mean. I've never felt anything more spiritual than deep contentment. It can happen out of the blue. Then it goes away.

I think the French might share your understanding of their language in conjunction with the spirit, and probably many of them would agree. A philosopher or religious thinker might go on about logos, or some other thing. Others have thought that perhaps language is a virus. As might the spirit be. I don't know. You've put my conception of spirit better than I could have. If you've never had a spiritual thought, then I probably haven't, either.
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