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This is My Story.
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Default MMTPT190 ~ 3-20-2012 ~ Dancing With The Chars! The Winners, Shania and Lars!


Dancing With The Chars!
The Winners, Shania and Lars!
First ever, Butterfly Dancing Stars!

Note: Anyone is welcome to play! You automatically become a Teapotter the first time you play in our challenge. Also, you do not have to write a story. You just have to be inspired by the teapot or by the story about this week's location! Have fun! If this is your first Teapot Tuesday Challenge, please mention that in your commentary so we can be sure to greet you properly, in pure Teapot Tuesday fashion! Your participation in Destination Station is 100% voluntary and not at all required. Just have fun!

This is my story!

1. Ever since I started hosting Teapot Tuesday, everywhere I go, teapots just jump out at me! I used to worry that I would run out of teapots to feature! Duh, what a dumb thing to worry about! There are so many teapots that it's just exhausting to think about it! I started bogging down my computer with pictures of teapots so I had to buy a little Teapot Thumb Drive and load it up! It's got all kinds of teapots on it, pictures of teapots that prompted me to think........

Better save this picture, I might need it for a Teapot Tuesday challenge with a theme of ______________. You fill in the blank!! You name it, I've got it! Snort!

2. Meet Lars and Shania Char! (Please pronounce Char with a sh! Shania is quite obbsessive about that, just so you know!) Actually, maybe I should say, meet Shania Char! Believe me Lars is around but just as this picture was snapped, a beautiful, enticing, single butterfly goddess flew by and of course Lars took off chasing her. He is quite the Butterfly Casinova! Shania is the more sensible of the two although, she's quite the diva! When she spotted this beautiful black and white striped teapot, her first thought was, what an opportunity for a photo shoot! She is always looking to enhance her beauty! She knew she would look amazing showcased against the black and white of it! She doesn't worry about Lars and his womanizing too much! She is the one that the cameras follow!

3. The Chars are the two butterfly dancers that the new hit TV show, Dancing with the Chars, is named after! They are very talented, very poised, very elegant, flamboyant, and fun professional butterfly dancers! Other butterfly dancers from around the world have all flown in to compete! The tryouts have been held, the most talented butterflies have been chosen and now the rehearsals and costume design has begun!

4. Shania and Lars are not worried about the dancing part of the contest. There are not many butterflies in the world today that can move like them! They are accomplished in all butterfly dances including the Butterfly Rumba, The Butterfly Doble, The Butterfly Tango, and their speciality, Butterfly Ballroom! Shania is a little worried about costume design though, being the diva that she is! She wants to be known not only for her talent as a dancer but for her ability to choose the right costume, perfect in every way, for the dance of the night! Lars will wear what his sister tells him! Right now he's just worried that his butterfly kisses are the best they can be! He's never seen so many beautiful, single, and enticing single butterfly beauties accumulated in one spot in his entire life! Oh, it's great to be a butterfly!

5. Do you know how embarrassing it would be if Shania and Lars Chars don't win the first Dancing with the Chars competition? The debut show? Yikes! Bring the most beautiful butterfly costumes you can possibly bring! Colorful, flamoyant, drop dead gorgeous! The talk of the town, the envy of all! Colors so vivid, so eye catching, so unbelievably amazing that even Lars will stop and take note! And just in case, feel free to bring a new butterfly dance as well. You never know when the top seated contestants might need to bust a new move to insure victory! Just think how beautiful Shania Char will look photographed with that beautiful mirrored ball as her backdrop!! Gives me goosebumps!

Dancing With The Chars!
The Winners, Shania and Lars!
First ever, Butterfly Dancing Stars!

Make a card with a butterfly. The most wonderful, colorful, eye catching one you can catch in your net! But, you have to come in the backdoor if you just happen to bring the most beautiful butterfly in the entire world and she's single! Why you ask? Because that may be the one thing that can prevent Shania and Lars from winning the debut show! Lars may go missing for their first performance! Yikes! Ever heard of a forfeit? Shania will be livid!!

You get extra points for adding a birthday flair to your costume design! Use a birthday theme with your butterflies, use a birthday sentiment, add a little birthday cake underneath your butterfly and you get extra cookies! If you don't believe me, just look at the picture attached! Come on, don't cha want one of those butterfly cookies? Tee hee!

This week our destination is Richmond, Virgina. If you would like a destination for your card this week, how about sending them to Joan, the mother of Emily, fellow SCSer/Teapotter (scrappinmama72inpa).

This week its all about warm fuzzies for a mother and a daughter. Quite often, when growing up, our relationship with our parents is strained! But thankfully, as we get older, have children of our own, all of the sudden it all falls into place and our relationships are mended and a closeness with our parents begins. That is what happened with Emily and her mom. Warm Fuzzies!!

For more information about Rita as well as the address to mail your card, please visit Post #279 in the Teapot Tuesday Destination Station thread. Please remember that just because you participate in a Teapot Tuesday challenge that is combined with a card drive request, it does not mean that you are REQUIRED to send your cards. It is totally 100% voluntary!

Here is my card.

Here is the awesome card that Emily made for her mother.

Here is a Quick Link to the Teapot Tuesday #190 Challenge Gallery.

Be sure to you use KEYWORD MMTPT190 in your upload and post a comment here so we can all see your card!

Ever want to get a jump on next week's challenge card? SCS has given me permission to create an email Teapot Tuesday Cheater Group and email the challenge out on the Saturday before the Tuesday of the challenge so you girls can have the weekend to make your card. Send me a pm with your email address if you wanna be a Cheater!

If you are confused about these challenges, see the first sticky post of this thread for more information. There is also a directory of individual challenges. Feel free to grab this I survived Teapot Tuesday Badge for your blog!
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