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Originally Posted by nickelini View Post
Thanks, Wrose & Alyson -- it'll give my daughter and me something to think about. Personally, I think the walking away works quite well, but she's a bit intense.

In her Catholic high school, she has to take religion every year. At the beginning of the year when she found out she got Mr. Chapman, she freaked out because she'd heard how "hardcore Catholic" he is . . . . by the end of September, and many, many conversations about her religion class, I said to her "you don't hate Mr. Chapman as much as you think you would, do you?" Turns out he's a philosophy major, so he's thrown some pretty challenging stuff at them. I went to meet him during parent-teacher conferences, and the guy is like 26 years old (I imagined some stern old man). He says he doesn't want people to consider his class "an easy A" so he makes them work. Some of the stuff she's does is stuff I did in university (this is a grade 10 class).

Anyway, for the first 5 months of the year she was getting 98%. Now she's dropped to 94% after her father and I said that it wasn't really the area to focus on considering universities don't consider religion grades for admission. So she brought her math up to a B+. But Mr. Chapman LOVES her--because she's engaged, and comes to class with a mitt-full of papers she's printed out from the internet that she says "what about this?" I think she has a future as a litigation lawyer.

It's been an interesting year.
That's excellent. I went to a Jesuit University (after 12 years of Catholic school) and the Jesuits also challenge you to think.

Interestingly, I was never taught that the bible was literal. I was taught that it was a religious book, not a history book or a science book. I was taught in the early grades that those "7 days" in Genesis weren't days as we think of them, 24 hours, but a way to describe things so that we could grasp it. I was never taught that creation and evolution were mutually exclusive. I suppose it was more of what we call today Intelligent Design - that God certainly guided creation. Of course that's to be expected in a Catholic School.
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