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Originally Posted by JulesG View Post
I'm sorry to be provocative, but I don't believe that most of you stamping folks, (sorry if I use "us" "them" language, but I'm more a paper maker who's interested in stamping, as opposed to a legitimate stamper) are unbelievers in matters of the spirit. I look in your galleries and see that you are about the business of beauty, and that's a pretty powerful spiritual pursuit. I don't believe you can be involved in it and not touch on some kind of "inner" spirituality.

Unfortunately, people who claim to be about the business of spirit often tend to not act in a very spiritual manner, and so now the language of spirit is all confused with the language of power and control, which seems to be a feature of many organized religions, and so it's difficult to talk about spirit, or see it for what it is.

Kathy, thanks for that comment from Stephen Colbert. It's exactly on point. In what sense are politicians like Rick Santorum trying to advance the agenda that Christ laid out in the Sermon on the Mount? I get very confused by folks who purport to be Christian but don't seem to love people. How do they understand their Christianity? Shouldn't it have something to do with healing people for free, with giving away wine at weddings, with feeding people who are hungry? According to the bible, when the soldiers came for Jesus, Peter leapt to Jesus's defense and cut off a soldier's ear. Jesus wasn't happy about that and told Peter to stop, and replaced the ear of the soldier. So, if you are a Christian, and you are following the teachings of Christ, when you are attacked, what should you do?

Stephanie, thanks for your thoughts on our strange culture here, and for giving us some insight into yours. When I was in high school we had a foreign exchange student from New Zealand. He was a brilliant golfer and seemed to appreciate beer as much as we did. Those being two of my interests at the time, I found him to be quite excellent company.

Nickelini, hopefully the US can keep its problems from travelling beyond the borders, but I'm doubtful. Our manias have a tendency to travel.

But let me ask you folks this. When you're stamping, do you feel some sort of inner movement, growth, some sort of warmth, or like you're about something that doesn't involve just yourself? I know when I make paper I'm in a different place. Time passes without my being aware of it. I feel like I want to share what I've done, but I'm unsure how to do that. My imagination is filled with my paper making experience, and I feel "drawn" to do more. It all has the feel of a communion of sorts with something organic, that is both inside and outside myself. It's a hard experience to talk about. When I see what you folks have done, I get the sense that there's a lot more going on than card making. Some of your cards are so beautiful that to actually use them as cards seems beside the point. They should be set up and displayed in your homes as art, and understood that way.

Well, sorry to digress. I wake up early thinking about these sorts of things and can't get back to sleep. Guess I should get to another thread and find out what anyone knows about waterfast inks.

One of my sisters has worked for years at a Catholic University that used to be all women and has a lot of nuns there. She tends to sound like a nun. It would probably annoy me more if I lived closer. (We're 2800 miles apart.) But she sees God in everything. I simply don't. I can still feel all warm and fuzzy about a beautiful landscape, and in fact, this week spent two days driving up from the Bay Area of California via 101 to the northern coast, just into Oregon, and back. Absolutely breathtaking. The redwoods - some take as proof of God. But the science is there. I can't argue, but I appreciate the beauty without believing. Some people don't understand that.

Sometimes I think Christianity is so popular because it's always a win-win situation. If you pray for something and you don't get it, it's a lesson for you. If you do get it, then God has answered your prayers. Everything is so easily explained. Sometimes I guess that's comforting to people.

I can't imagine it was comforting when, a few years ago, there was that awful mine cave in that one (?) miner survived. Remember at first when they thought they'd found a handful alive. One grandmother was heard to tell her 8 year old grandson that he had prayed hard enough and his father was alive. Then they discovered these men were not alive after all. So what does that kid think now? He didn't pray hard enough??? How awful. That has always haunted me.
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