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Originally Posted by SophieLaFontaine View Post
Hi Greg! Welcome!
First off, I know I'm odd, even among atheists and agnostics. I have never felt spiritual at all, by any stretch of the imagination. This goes beyond Christianity. I have never understood anything like yoga or meditation either. I never successfully grasped the concept of the word "spirit" - I don't know how someone's "spirit" is different from just their "mind" and "emotions".
So, I don't feel spiritual at all when I'm making cards or colouring. I DO feel a very deep sense of satisfaction and contentment, especially when the colour comes out exactly as I envisioned. I also feel this deep sense of satisfaction and contentment when I'm eating something extraordinarily delicious, so...I'm pretty sure it isn't anything spiritual.

Every so often, there IS the feeling while watercolouring, that it is what my fingers and eyes have been searching for all their lives - not watercolour pencils, not chalks, not water-based markers, not crayons, not pens, not pencils, but WATERCOLOURS (over the last year I've come to feel this way about Copic markers as well). That's the closest I guess, that I've ever come to um... spirituality? (or maybe I am more clearly demonstrating my lack of understanding of the concept of spirituality).

Thank you soooo much for your compliments on our cards!!!
I DO send 90% of the cards I make to my niece and nephews, who save them in big boxes and look through them periodically. My sister says they also get very excited when they get them in the mail. So, yeah, they do treat the cards as precious items - notes of love I guess.
Ah, Sophie, I'm going to resist the urge to insist that your feelings of satisfaction and deep contentment are spiritual. I don't think that you're having those notions towards various food items disqualifies them as spiritual markers, but hey, I'm content to work my own program and let you work yours.

I wouldn't want to say that spirit is different than mind or emotions. It's all rolled up into one thing in there, and I couldn't begin to sort it out.

I had to laugh about your relationship to watercolors. I have the same relationship with my pressed botanicals. The delicate, translucent ones get me right where I live. I have some pressed clover in my basement I've been looking at all winter. I'll go down there for an hour or so after supper. My wife asks me what I'm doing in the basement and I'm not sure what to tell her. Oh well.

What a nice thing that your family appreciates your art! It must be gratifying to hear their responses to your cards. That's worth more than money.
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