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Originally Posted by parkes View Post
Sorry to cut your quote down, Greg, but I was very interested in your comments on spiritiality. I paint (watercolours) as well as make cards and when I am painting I sometimes experience that same feeling of being 'in the flow' where time passes unheeded, and when the painting is finished I am filled with a sense of wonder at what I have done. Unfortunately spiritiality and religion have become so entwined that I am now reluctant to call myself 'spiritial' for the religious connotations it has.
Humans are creative creatures by nature which has nothing to do with religion or what we purport to believe or not believe. Children are atheists until they are taught to believe in a particular religion, but we are all born creative. I guess I see 'creativity' as the ultimate religion, as a way of experiencing the world and sharing that experience.
Hey Stephanie, I agree that people are creative. I've never run into anyone who didn't have some creative project going, whether it be children or snowblowers. Everybody makes something out of something. If there's any one definition to being human, I think that's it. I guess that's what's troubling to me about some people's response to organized religion. They take someone else's word about how they should feel about something, instead of checking their own imagination. It's a missed opportunity to explore one's self. I like your thought about creativity as the ultimate religion. As for children being atheists, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I taught a paper making class for K4 through 6th grade, and the kindergarten kids were a strange and wonderful lot. They didn't seem to be quite human, having otherworld concerns I found almost familiar but also baffling. I wouldn't begin to want to tell them what to believe. It's much more interesting to let them try and explain things to me. LOL. I went to your gallery and checked some of your cards. They were stunning. I have a similar interest in botanicals. I've got hundreds of clover I took from my backyard that I'm entranced by. I pulled them out with their roots intact. I pressed them dry, and all winter I'd go down in the basement and just look at them. I don't know why it gave me so much pleasure to stare at them. I almost didn't want to put them in paper, as I was afraid I might ruin them. Hmmmm.
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