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Originally Posted by Stampin Wrose View Post
Gas is incredible. The cheapest place around is Costco and DD got gas there today. It was 4.17.9. ACK!!!

I'm seeing 4.35ish as the cheapest outside Costco. We don't have 85 octane here in CA like some states still do - or do they? So our cheapest is 87 octane.

So the GOP are probably happy gas is high but not happy the DOW is up.
Just at the moment I'm feeling lucky to live on the state line and be able to fill up where premium's still under $4.

My next car will NOT have a turbo. Obviously even with mileage dropping to about 20 and premium up this high, I'm still better off with no car payment, and once engine's rebuilt the mileage will go back up into mid 20s (low compression on one cylinder). But I'm still saving up for used Mini.

Although in all honesty I could get a new Ford Fiesta for the price of a used Mini--they get butt-kicking mileage, too, rented one on trip to parents and they're pretty fun to drive. Could easily be modded up to autocross and would be way less expensive to maintain and a really fun car for tooling around, good safety ratings, decent room in the back for taking pup to dog park. It's probably a more rational decision.

Fortunately it will be a while before I have to decide, knock wood.
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