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Challenge MMTPT148
That's Synchronized Syd. Did you hear what she did?
Challenge MMTPT149
Detective Red E. TaBloom!! Get the keys to the Evidence Room!
Challenge MMTPT150
A horse is a horse of course, of course. But now and then, a horse is the source!
Challenge MMTPT151
Designer Dodge Balls, they are all the new rage! Available in pink, purple, and a wonderful new sage!
Challenge MMTPT152
Back to School, Back to School. To learn to count would be so cool!
Challenge MMTPT153
Just Hit That Small Ball! Try Hard Not To Fall!
Challenge MMTPT154
It's Tate to His Knees With An Uncontrollable Sneeze!
Challenge MMTPT155
That's My Chester! The Jester Tester!
Challenge MMTPT156

Move Over Miss Gingey! Admit, You're Just Stingy!
Challenge MMTPT157
Tink, LaRue, and Sunshine Too! Planning A Teaparty For me and You!
Challenge MMTPT158
I'm a Little Teapot, Short and Stout! Can't Find My Handle Or My Spout!
Challenge MMTPT159
It's All About The Vert, Said Curt!!
Challenge MMTPT160
Fluttering Floyd, All Your Friends Are Annoyed!!
Challenge MMTPT161
Remember the Thug? The Big Yellah Bug?
Challenge MMTPT162
Architect Fitch and Contractor Mitch Ran Into A Glitch!
Challenge MMTPT163
You Wanna Tattoo? We Can't Do You!
Challenge MMTPT164
We're Off To See The Wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of Tea!
Challenge MMTPT165

Scrapbookin' With Whatserdoodle Poodle Kit N. Kaboodle Doodle!
Challenge MMTPT166
Frozen Snowbirds Welcome Here! We Are Friendly, Have No Fear!
Challenge MMTPT167
Jeremiah Jumbaleigh! Wannabee Referree or Traditional Fam-i-lee!
Challenge MMTPT168
Hocus Pocus! Let Me Focus! Come To Me My Magic Snakes!
Challenge MMTPT169
This Thing Just Feels Wrong! Let's Take the King Out of Kong!
Challenge MMTPT170
Pray Tell Mosaic Mozelle! The Broken Dish Belle!
Challenge MMTPT171
I Can't Stand These Flowers! We've Waited For Hours!
Challenge MMTPT172
There Were Two Six Year Old Boys! Who Had A Plan for Some Toys!
Challenge MMTPT173
Be Successful At Choppers! Get Rewarded as Shoppers!
Challenge MMTPT174
We Cannot Find His Glasses! Send Word To The Masses!
Challenge MMTPT175
Christmas Is Not In Jeopardy! It's Just A Little Leopardy!
Challenge MMTPT176
Is That Peppermint Stick? Oh Wait! It's Jolly Old St. Nick!
Challenge MMTPT177
Hey Gingerbread Fred! Have You Lost Your Head?
Challenge MMTPT178
Oh Curses! Oh Curses! We All Have No Purses!
Challenge MMTPT179
There Is No Rhyme, There Is No Reason! But At This Time, I Am Not A-Teasin'!
Challenge MMTPT180
Bon Bon Bill, Fudge Bob & The Sponge Bob Mob!
Challenge MMTPT181
Giggle, Giggle! I Thought I Saw A Wiggle!
Challenge MMTPT182
Gee That's Better! Muddah, Faddah, Kindly Disregard This Letter!
Challenge MMTPT183
Xena's From Antares! She's So Scared! It's So Scarey!
Challenge MMTPT184
Oh Gee! Could It Be? Someone Thinks They're Catching Me!
Challenge MMTPT185
Twas The Day Before Tuesday! And All Through The Gallery!
Challenge MMTPT186
Little Bunny Foo Foo! We Don't Wanna See You!
Challenge MMTPT187
A Seagull Went To Tea, Tea, Tea! To See What She Could See, See, See!
Challenge MMTPT188
Dizzy Lizzy Was A Cat! Dizzy Lizzy Chased A Rat!
Challenge MMTPT189
This Family of Heats Just Stole Our Tarts!
Challenge MMTPT190
Dancing With The Chars! The Winners, Shania and Lars!
Challenge MMTPT191
Forget Paris In April, Its Too Rainy! Let's Go In March and Get Real Zaney!
Challenge MMTPT192
Silverman, Pinkstone and Black, Attorneys at Law! We've Got Your Back!
Challenge MMTPT193
I Know It's A Bummer! But We Gotta Give One To The Hummer!
Challenge MMTPT194
Mornin' Sam! It's The Cheaters! Where's Our Ham? Where's Our Repeaters?
Challenge MMTPT195
New Tea Parlor In Towne!
Challenge MMTPT196
Mirror Mirror On The Dora! Where's That Girl! That Small Explorer?
Challenge MMTPT197
Oh Auntie Helen! There Ain't No Tellin! How Did We End Up With Rank, Rotten, Melon?
Challenge MMTPT198
This here deal is a big win-win! Bring Your Kin Cuz Outside's In!!
Challenge MMTPT199
So He Has A Fuzzy Butt! So Whut?

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