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Originally Posted by T. Joy View Post
That is wonderful! How are you dealing with "sentimental" things and paper? Those are the two things that I just can't seem to keep pared down!
I remind myself of an old Buddhist parable.
I will paraphrase .

The Buddha came upon a man carrying a large and very heavy branch. He asked the man why he was carrying it since it was such a burden. The man replied that once, long ago, he needed to cross a creek and the branch had been very useful for him to do that. He was grateful for the branch and now he didn't want to just discard it. The Buddha said just because something was very important or useful in the past doesn't mean you should carrying when it is no longer useful . The Buddha told him to put it down, because he was causing himself unnecessary stress and fatigue by carrying the burdensome branch that he no longer needed.

I am able to weed out things because many of my things gave me pleasure in the past, but now are no longer something I enjoy.
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