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Lois: I hope you enjoy The Hunger Games. It's one of my favorite trilogies! Would love to see the movie in March, but may not get to, as no one I know seems interested.

Sue: I’m glad you have started reading again, and hope you are enjoying CATCHING FIRE. As I said above to Lois, this trilogy is one of my favorite series! As for vampires and werewolves…I never used to be much into them, either—until I got hooked on a couple of good (well, to me anyway, LOL) series. I have not heard of Nicky Charles, but can definitely offer suggestions on other vampire/were books.

Oh—I do not know much about Wicca, either, but have heard that the Scott Cunningham book is a pretty good one. It is rated four out of five stars at The other book by Silver Elder is also rated four out of five stars.

JenniK: I imagine there are rather long waiting lists at the libraries for this series, with the movie out in two months.

GypsyRoseStamper: Re: THE HUNGER GAMES. The book is actually considered young adult dystopian*, not science fiction, and I’ll be honest—when I first started seeing this book mentioned on various blogs and message boards, I wasn’t really sure I would like it. I mean, for one it is YA, and I haven’t read much in that genre since I was a young adult. Second, there is the premise. Yes, it is a bit creepy and scary, but it was also what started to intrigue me. And the more I heard/read about it, the more intrigued I became. When it was chosen as a group read at, I waffled over whether or not to read it, and decided to go for it when Doubleday Book Club offered a really good 2-for-1 package deal on the first two books.

Let me tell you, I was so glad I bought both books at once, because I devoured them back-to-back, then started screaming in frustration when I realized I had to wait almost a year for book three. The one lesson I learned from this experience was not to turn down a book solely because it wasn’t in one of my preferred genres. Sometimes, as in life, you have to take a chance on a book you may not like.

* Dystopian, from the noun "Dystopia": a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding; an imaginary place where everything is as bad as it can be. The opposite of "Utopia."

More to come...
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