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Melissa, I think we go through the same things in life! I was unemployeed for about a year at one point. Was laid off the the job where they gave me the rave review in my evaluation and gave me a big raise (making more money than I ever had before) then within 6 months laid me off cause I made more money than anyone in my dept. UGH! And like you - no degree. I went to college and was about 2 semesters shy of graduation - but then my father passed away and I couldn't think about being a burden to my mother so I went to work to help out. Of course I said I would go back and finish once we both got on our feet...and that was 20 years ago. Now if I went back it would be almost like starting over cause so much isn't even offered anymore. So like you, when I went to apply for jobs - I was either over qualified or when they saw how much I made at my last job - they were scared I would expect that again. I did have luck through temp agencies though and that is how I found the job I have now. The thing I learned about temp agencies though is that you really have to keep after know - the one that screams the loudest gets the most attention. And don't be afraid of a "temp only" job either cause I took a temp only job that was supposed to be only 3 weeks....and after a day and a half I was done with what they wanted me to they found more for me to do....and more...and more. In the 3 years I was there the company changed names twice and eventually was closed down (which is why I'm not there any longer). They would have hired me but they had a hiring freeze on and then once they were slated for closure - well, what's the point ya know. Anyway - don't get discouraged girlfriend, you'll find something! And it might even be something you never thought you would be doing! Today I make less money than I have in 10 years. But you know what? I'm only 2 miles from home, love the people I work with, and love what I do. You'll find that too! I'm certain of it!!!
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