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Originally Posted by candukiwi View Post
hoptown racer,

i am glad your cat has forgiven you for the bop on the head you gave him. I am sorry you've been sick I hope you are well on the road to recovery. Good luck with the wii dancing. Which ones did you end up getting? I probably won't get the dance ones as I think I will be laughing too hard at my attempt to dance as i have absolutely no rhythmic impulse at all. I have a lot of the fitness ones now I just have to find the dedication to commit to them. i used to go to a personal trainer but in the end it gets quite expensive but I am more likely to keep on exercising during the week where now i have nobody telling me to get going except myself.

Well I hope your all have a spend free day.
Yes, my kitty forgave me; she is a sweetheart! Yesterday, I recieved the Just Dance 2 and Wii Sports games. I love the tennis on the Wii Sports. Haven't tried the boxing yet; I've heard it's hard. And I stunk at baseball; will have to work on that one! I haven't recieved the Abba one yet. Looking foward to it. Didn't try the Dance one yet. Hubby was sick with a nasty virus and was trying to sleep early last night. Might have to wait and try it out when he's home in a bit. (He could probably use a good laugh!)
Sort of missed out on working out a few days or crafting. My m-i-l had to go to the hospital, and husband is still sick (Don't know how he is making it through work today.) But getting back on track. M-i-l is supposed to go home from the hospital today, but my husband can't get around her being sick.
Haven't bought any craft stuff though, so that's good. Everyone sounds like they are doing so good, and getting so much made! So motivating reading everyone's posts!
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