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Since y'all are talking about dogs and snuggling, I am having a very hard day today. I am still missing my Flossie, and my Rosie is now almost 14 and not feeling the best in the world. Our vet says she has arthritis, can't see well, can't hear well, and has those fatty tumors all around. She is not a snuggler, actually runs from me every time I go to pet her. I would love to comfort her and snuggle her but she is so distant. I thought after Flossie was gone Rosie would warm up to me but she hasn't. She only comes to me when food is involved. She has always been this way. I know her days are probably numbered, but am doing everything I can to give her meds and keep her comfortable. I give her special treats and she wags her tail at me. Then the stinker just snoots me and goes and gets in her bed and there it is.
This morning Himself brought me some pictures of dogs that were up for adoption, knowing I missed the snuggling so much, and I just started crying. Again. I don't know if I should get another one, if it will make Rosie better or worse.
My vet said as long as I felt this way that I should not go looking for one, but he would be on the lookout and if he found a very special one that would love me he would call me.
Anyone have any suggestions?
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