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Originally Posted by candukiwi View Post
Well have still managed to not spend anything so far this month. Hasn't stopped me searching the internet for things though. I think that has to be my biggest down fall is being able to look at all the pretty & cool stuff out there but really it doesn't mean i have to have it right?

i managed to make two cards in the weekend one for my s-i-l birthday on the 22 nd of this month & my nephew's 4 b'day coming up on 1 st of Feb. Now tell me how long does it take for you guys to make a card i seem to take about half a day (admittedly i didn't mind that for my sister-in-laws card as it was quite involved etc) but my nephews was quite simple yet took nearly as long. No wonder i don't get many made lol. As for scrapbook pages man that takes me waaaay to long.

I hope your all having a good day. Keep up the good work on your budgets and weight challenges.

That is awesome that you got cards done and are doing well! The internet is hard for me too. It's just too darn easy to look at everything and make an impulse decision.
One of my close friends laughed at me today. I told her I was kicking myself for buying stuff the other day, cause when I go to put it away, it's a challenge figuring out where to put it. (I think that is a sign of having PLENTY in a small house!) She laughed, and said "Yes, but will you remember that next week?" She knows me well! Ever since I got sick, my thinking is so disorganized and my memory is very short. I have to FOCUS.
Went ahead and ordered a couple dance games for the Wii after checking them out on youtube. If you're short on cash and want to do some, they do have some full length ones on youtube. They were very helpful in helping me decide which ones to get. I tried doing them in my room in front of the computer, but the area is so small that I accidently popped one of my cats in the head while trying to dance to one. I think my cat will appreciate me buying it and working out to it in the living room.
She is alright though. I had to give her smooches and tell her how sorry I was. I think she has forgiven me!
I guess my mantra for the near future is "my house is full; my house is full!"
Lmn, thanks for posting that about how long it takes to make a routine a habit. Maybe there is hope for me. Although, hubby brought twinkies into the house today! How can I resist the lure of the twinkie!!! GGGRR!
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