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Yes, Lela, I would love to have a challenge here to help us encourage each other with exercising and getting healthier! Thank you so much for suggesting that; I hope there's enough interest here!

Originally Posted by melissa59 View Post
I'm not counting pet food, laundry detergent or any grocery items in my craft budget. For me, it's all craft items, craft storage and other craft-related stuff.
Curious, when you put things back, were you thinking about this challenge? I find that having a challenge, having someone to check in with, helps keep me on the straight and narrow.
I too am quite overweight. Worse, I'm just plain out of shape. Being out of work for two years hasn't helped. My stamina got even worse after I had surgery last year. I still get fatigued and I get winded so much quicker than I did before the surgery--and it wasn't all that good before. I really need to get on my treadmill (just to walk, not run) but I don't think about it until late at night.
Yes, this challenge helped me keep the $ under control. I always put a few things back, but not this many, so it definately helped. I told another friend about this challenge, so she reminded me about my limit. It feels good to have a little control, so hopefully in time, it'll be second nature, and I'll just pick up things that are "needs". It also helps to learn I can leave something behind and be fine. It won't be the last of it's kind. I know one of you mentioned that in your thread, and I immediately knew that feeling. I think that one is going to take a little practice.
I'm sorry you're having health issues also. I have Meniere's Disease and Neurocardiogenic syncope, so I am dizzy all the time, plus have fatigue, balance problems, vertigo, nausea and other symptoms; not able to work or drive. I'm sorry to hear you had to have surgery, and that it made things harder for you. I tend to be a night owl, so I need to start getting to bed earlier, make a list of things I need to do each day and take better care of myself overall. I hope we can all support each other and cheer each other on.
Russnzella, that is amazing that you lost weight. That is awesome! I'm thinking about getting the Abba wii game. A friend said her daughter rented it,and it's a little easier than the JustDance2; although I want that one too. I need one I can do on days I'm not feeling as well. On the bad days, I just have to hang it up. I've always heard good things about Weight Watchers.
Amazing how many of us are having the same issues. Does it seem that if there is disorder in one part of one's life, that there is disorder in other areas also? That's how it seems with me. Out of control! I have to take things slow though; I'm an obsessive type person, and I tend to go gungho and then burnout; all or nothing. I am going to have to learn to just "chill" and pace myself.
Thanks for this challenge!!! It is helping already. Hope we get a SCS too!
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