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Originally Posted by stampy-girrrrrl View Post
I used to shop every week for stuff cuz I got the filer coupons, then emails with coupons for local stamp/scrap stores, and emails from retailers with weekly sales.... it got to be really ridiculous cuz I was chasing down "stuff". I had/have so much stuff. I was unhappy with my job so, I went back to university to get a second degree, which meant less money and time to make cards and stuff, but I manage to use what I have to save money and time from going out to shop. The quality of cards are still the same.
So, what worked for me was 1) I stopped looking for/ receiving the coupons... I don't need anything so, why look for a bargain to spend money? 2) I stopped subscribing to emails from local stores... don't know what's on sale; don't need to shop 3) MOST IMPORTANTLY: I asked myself, "why I felt the need to constantly acquire more stuff and do I need all this stuff?" ... really, it was because I was unhappy with my work and I felt that I needed to treat myself. RETAIL THERAPY. I am pretty sure it's not all that uncommon... it just so happens my therapy was paper and stamps while others may be shoes and clothes.
So, if you are a chronic shopper... maybe ask yourself, like I did, why and if you really need it... or is it the "rush" you get for buying stuff?
OK... nuff said. feel free to PM me if you want to know my process and reducing the stash.
I think examining WHY we shop and what it fulfills in us is very valuable. Not just saying I am not going to do it this year .

I am a goal setter. I set a goal and lay out a detailed written plan to accomplish it. In the beginning it was useful. I needed all the basics such as a good paper cutter; selection of card stock, various dies etc. I had a written monthly purchase plan. But after I got the basics I continued to keep adding to the list. The wish list became like a hamster wheel. I was always adding things to another rung and peddling as fast as I could to get the things on the next rung. I rearranged my budget for other things to get things on my wish list before the price increased or because something was being discontinued. Well it was a Goal and I meet my goals !

Before I examined WHY I shopped I knew I had to toss the wish list.
If the price goes up and I no longer can justify the cost or if something is discontinued and I can't buy it how important will it be in the big scheme of things? Getting things for this hobby was driving all other budget decisions.
I tore up the wish list and the yearly calendar as to when I will buy things. I am not spending any money in January so I can get off this hamster wheel!
"I have not failed . I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work" --Thomas A. Edison
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