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Originally Posted by Stampin Wrose View Post
They keep mentioning "litter" as a reason and I'm thinking oh are we going to ban everything that contributes to litter now? *rolls eyes*

They want to "teach people that they are valuable" - um yeah I already know that. I can get a nickel off my grocery order when I take them back in to reuse, at least in my city, where we haven't banned them - yet. (The whole county is considering it.)

I reuse them in all my waste baskets at home. I have been dumping them into the large kitchen bag the last week. Today I measured all the baskets so I know what size liner to get. Just did that, in fact. And, we use them for dog poop.

Yeah I already know they are valuable. I really hate when govt. sticks its nose this far into my life. Ron Paul has the right idea - just takes it a little too far in some areas, in my opinion. I do chuckle when I read that Ron Paul has the support of everyone who wants drugs to be legal. ha ha ha
I think you know I hate plastic bags (and most things plastic) so I'll give you two good reasons:

Litter--and yes, they are a bigger problem than most other forms because they get wrapped around so many things. Mufflers (way to really stink up your car's interior), animals legs, trees and shrubs, car antennae, etc. Because they are light-weight, the tend to be lofted by the wind right into the middle of roads or windshields (quite dangerous) plus they end up in bodies of water where they interfere with the lives of a wide variety of critters.

Secondly, they're made from petroleum. Do we really need to spend our energy source to produce something so unnecessary?

Let's see, we buy a chicken on a plastic tray lined with a plastic backed moisture absorbent liner then wrapped in plastic wrap. The chicken is then placed in a plastic bag at the register, possibly two! We then take the chicken home, discard the tray, absorbent liner, the plastic wrap and toss the bag--all into another plastic bag--which we then discard into a plastic garbage can.

Stepping down off soapbox.

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