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There's a marvelous book entitled "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" by
Lynn Grabhorn, published by Hampton Roads.

In it she shares this Christmas story.

“Its Christmas time, pretend that you are Santa Claus at the mall, replete
with a scratchy beard and pillowed tummy. You're listening to all the wee
folk rattle off their long lists of wants, but after a while you decide to
spread around some magic dust so that kids of any age will feel the urge
to reveal some of their less socially acceptable wants.

“Up comes a little cutie-pie, about six, who hops up on to your knee. She
starts to give you her list: a few special toys as seen on TV, and a
couple of old standbys like a doll and a puppy. That's it. Nothing new.

“So you spread your magic dust and out of comes: a big swing in the
backyard, a daddy to be around more, a mommy who will take time to play,
someone – anyone – who will believe about the pretty angels in the
bedroom, and somebody to always make everything alright. Oh, and lots of
brothers and sisters, please. Then she jumps down, happy as a lark.

“Do you remember what your secret wants were at six years of age?

“Next a tall, gangling 18-year-old comes up, having fun with the
experience and quite willing to go along with the gag.

"’All right now, what would you like Santa to bring you?’ Once again, even
though the teenager is gladly entering into the spirit of this silliness,
the list is alarmingly short. ‘Well, I will take that new car you got
hidden in your sack, Santa. And I wouldn't mind a few thousand dollars in
my stocking for play money. And if you just happened to have a romance
back there in your sleigh, hey, that would be cool!’

“You sprinkle your magic, the 18-year-old relaxes, and out of comes an
amazing list of rightful wants, having to do with careers, and friends,
and success, and fame, and clothes, and living conditions, and family –
and genuine happiness – ‘whatever that is,’ he mumbles.

“Do you remember what your secret wants were at 18 years of age, and what dreams got stuffed away so that you could live in ‘the real world?’

“Finally comes the adult, gleefully hopping up on your Santa Claus knee as
the kids watch and snicker.

"’And what would you like, my friend,’ you ask expectantly. You’re
dismayed to find that this person has the shortest list of anyone so far,
as though every hope and dream ever owned just flew to the next galaxy.
Oh, there's the new house, and new car, and a flippant crack about winning
the lottery, but that's it. Quickly you sprinkle your magic dust. Nothing.
You sprinkle more. Still nothing. You empty the bag. Slowly at first, as
if having to be pulled up from the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean,
comes a comment about having a pie shop. And another about learning to
play the piano. A pause, and then another about taking a horticultural
course at a local college. And another about building a unique kind of
sailboat. This one’s on a roll now. There's another about being able to
financially help a friend open a dance school, and another about having an
automatic garage door, and another about opening a summer camp for city
kids and about having confidence to talk in front of a group of people.
There's one about improving relations with certain family members, and
learning how to be more loving, and on, and on, and on. It took a full
bag, but the dam holding back those long forgotten treasures finally

“What dreams have you put aside? Your ambitions, your forgotten goals,
even your littlest desires – what are they? WHAT ARE THEY?”

This is time to have a long talk with God and uncover again those dreams
and desires that may be covered up with the dust of the years and in so
doing, you will receive the gift of life – more abundantly than ever
Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.
America will only be the land of the free so long as it is the home of the Brave
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