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Heeaaay Y'All!

Okay, Shirt we are still friends. EVEN IF I DON'T KNOW THE STRAW STORY! You do still let me ride up top of the bus! I am grateful for that. Silly would bring you dessert. I would be more of a Mary and come over and help you eat it!

Thank's for the Latte Greenie. It was snainning here today (snow / rain). Tomorrow's games are going to be COLD! I can't find my snow pants EEEEKKKKK! I know it may see silly, but if anyone has a minute to pray that we will find them. Don and I have looked EVERYWHERE - except where they actually are.

I'll bet your cousin is thanking God for you and your kindness tonight.

Today I took the kids to a new dentist because the new insurance company MADE me go there. We have had the same dentist for 25 years and we love him and his staff! Anyway, it turns out these people were very nice. The dentist said this was the first time anyone ever clapped because it was time to do their exam. Vanessa wants to be a dentist - BIG TIME.

Then I took the kids shoe shopping. Wouldn't you tell your mom if the soles of your shoes were coming off?! Vanessa didn't. There was her sock sticking out in the cold rain. She never wears shoes at home, so I did not notice. Spencer is wearing MAN sized shoes now. Does anyone want to purchase any B+ blood, kidneys or craft supplies - brand new from yesterday (the craft supplies the rest are 49 yo)?

Lesley, I wonder what people are thinking when they are comatose. I wonder if they are still alive because God is talking to them. I'd like to think that. I do know the bible says, No one knows a man's heart except the Lord. Maybe he will accept Jesus while he is sleeping. Hugs to you.

CA, I'm glad you found something to give you some pleasure. You would be disgusted to know I carry my ID and stuff with my phone. If I stop and carry a purse it just gets filled with weird stuff like other people's socks...

Silly, my E-Mail addy is: [email protected]. If anyone happens upon this and wants to use it for bad - I don't open emails if I don't know where they came from. Plus I have a KILLER security system. So, Silly if you have a email addy that I would not connect with you, you might want to ID yourself in the RE: section or something.

Hi everyone!
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