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Make Life a Little Sweeter
By Alice Hansche Mortenson

O let me shed a little light
On someone’s path I pray;
I’d like to be a messenger
Of happiness today!

It may be just a phone call,
A smile, or a prayer,
Or long neglected letter
Would lift the edge of care.

I want to spread some happiness
In what I say or do,
Make life a little sweeter
For someone else! Don’t you?
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Around the Corner
By Charles Hanson Towne

Around the corner I have a friend
In this great city that knows no end;
Yet days go by, and weeks RUSH on,
And before I know it, a year is gone.
And I never see my old friends’ face,
For life is a swift and terrible race.
He knows I like him just as well
As in the days when I rang his bell
And he rang mine. We were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men;
Tired with playing a foolish game,
Tired with trying to make a name.
“Tomorrow,” I say, “I will call on Jim,
Just to show that I’m thinking of him.”
But tomorrow comes, and tomorrow goes,
And the distance between us grows and grows.
Around the corner, -- and yet miles away . . .
“Here’s a telegram, sir . . .”
“Jim died today.”
And that’s what we get and deserve in the end:
Around the corner, a vanished friend.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
A Letter to Dad
Author Unknown.

There are so many things I’d like
To tell you face to face;
I either lack the word or fail
To find the time or place,
But in this special letter, Dad,
You’ll find, at least, in part,
The feelings that the passing years
Have left within my heart.

The memories of childhood days
And all that you have done,
To make our home a happy place
And growing up such fun!
I still recall the walks we took,
The games we often played;
Those confidential chats we had
While resting in the shade.

This letter comes to thank you, Dad,
For needed words of praise;
The counsel and the guidance, too,
That shaped my grown-up days.
No words of mine can tell you, Dad,
The things I really feel;
But must know my love for you
Is lasting, warm and real.

You made my world a better place,
And through the coming years;
I’ll keep these memories of you
As cherished souvenirs!
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Daddy’s Girl
By Scott Daughtry.

Little girls never grow up in their Daddy’s heart.
It’s been that way from the very start.
There were Barbie dolls and shirt sleeve tugs,
Little pink dresses and great big hugs,
Then Teddy bears, and powder smells
Combing hair and fairy tales

Now you’re such a grown-up lass
And it’s all happened much too fast,
But everything you used to be
Is still a warm sweet glow inside of me.
And at eleven you are quite tall and smart,
But you’ll never grow up in your Daddy’s heart.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
In Loving Memory
Author Unknown.

God saw her getting tired,
And a cure was not to be.
So He put His arms around her
And whispered, “Come with me.”
With tearful eyes we watched her
And saw her pass away.
Although we loved her dearly
We could not make her stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard-working hands at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Grandma’s Old Trunk
By Beverly Ernst

It’s standing in the attic covered with cobwebs and dust.
It’s bent, battered and around the corners there’s rust.

It’s Grandma’s old trunk with all the keepsakes it holds,
I knew everything inside must have a story to be told.

I found the old family album packed so carefully away,
With a picture of Grandma & Grandpa on their wedding day.

A box with a lock of hair from each baby she had.
Tied with a ribbon were grade cards that belong to my Dad.

A pair of baby shoes all scuffed and worn.
An apron of Grandma’s that was faded and torn.

I found a box filled with gifts her children had made,
And a record of birthdays and how much each baby had weighed.

There was a tattered fur muff and a pair of old spats,
A bright-colored plume from Grandma’s favorite hat.

Yes, in Grandma’s old trunk I found special things packed away.
As I closed the lid I hoped that someone else would find and enjoy them someday.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
No Time
Author Unknown.

There’s a loving letter I mean to send
There’s a visit I mean to pay
There’s a careless habit I hope to mend,
When I get the time someday.

There’s a dusty Bible I mean to read
There’s an hour I’ll keep to pray
I’ll turn each dream to a golden deed,
When I get the time someday.

I’ll carry flowers to the sick and sad
I’ll seek for those who stray
You can trace my steps by hearts made glad,
When I get the time someday.

So somebody thought, so somebody said,
But wasn’t it just a crime?
Too busy with less important things
They never did get the time.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
House Blessing
By Arthur Guiterman

Bless the four corners of this house,
And be the lintel blest;
And bless the hearth and bless the board
And bless each place of rest;
And bless the door that opens wide
To stranger as to kin;
And bless each crystal windowpane
That lets the starlight in;
And bless the rooftree overhead
And every sturdy wall.
The peace of man, the peace of God,
The peace of Love on all!
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