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This is My Story.
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I can't stand these flowers!
We've waited for hours!
Where is the bling?
Did the Concierge ring?

Note: Anyone is welcome to play! You automatically become a Teapotter the first time you play in our challenge. Also, you do not have to write a story. You just have to be inspired by the teapot or by the story about this week's location! Have fun! If this is your first Teapot Tuesday Challenge, please mention that in your commentary so we can be sure to greet you properly, in pure Teapot Tuesday fashion! Your participation in Destination Station is 100% voluntary and not at all required. Just have fun!

This is my story!

1. Planning a little rest and relaxation can be a stressful thing! Oh, the worry of it all! Will the accommodations be luxurious enough, will the staff be competant and responsive enough, will the food be gourmet enough, will the little white velvet cushions be soft enough, will the shampoos be mild, the brushes soft, the accessories sparkley? But, the biggest worry of all, will there be dogs?

2. Meet Sheeba and Eva Cabor, the Cabor Sisters. They are quite the divas! Diva Eva and Diva Sheeba live in luxury with a penthouse view on Park Avenue in New York City. They have been so fortunate to be able to stay there throughout the years, even though apparently Green Acres is the place to be! They are a little stressed these days dealing with an extremely snooty, obnoxious, and irritating white fluffy poodle named Bianca that moved into the penthouse next door. What a disruption to their lives! They need a vacation! Finding the purrfect spa has not been easy but it has come to the point where they just have to get out of town and hope for the best. They need this time away and hopefully Lulu and Luigi's Pawlour will live up to their expectations and its supposed reputation. They just can't wait to get there and get Bianca off their minds!

3. All is not well. Don't get me wrong, its a very nice place but The Diva's are finicky felines and well, you get the picture, its just not what they are accustomed to! They checked into their suite, had a grooming and massage and now are waiting to hear from the concierge about their dinner plans. Their massage was very relaxing but they are beginning to get stressed. Diva Sheeba keeps sneezing as she's not used to having flowers around her neck and Diva Eva is so very hungry! The more they speak to each other, the more aggitated they become!

I can't stand these flowers! We've waited for hours! Where is the bling? Did the Concierge ring? My furr is all kinky! You don't seem to be stinky! I'm feeling faint, just a little dizzy! It must be cuz my furr is all frizzy! You're tail has a bow! What do I have to show? Why didn't you hollar? At this ridiculous collar! It's been hours and hours! I'm still sneezing with these flowers! Just look forward to eating! I hope there's plenty of seating!

4. I do not even want to be in the dining room when these two show up! You think having a teaparty with King Kong was stressful! There is a crisis on the horizon! They have not come to know that Lulu and Luigi's Pawlour does dogs, its not cat exclusive! Fine dining with 42,000 dogs is just not acceptable! 42,000 obnoxious, irritating and annoying dogs at that! Are there any other kind? They are just entering the dining room now.............

I had no clue! A thousand dogs ~ times 42! Dogs are such fools! Wish this collar was jewels! I would not mind! If the guests were our kind! Quit making a fuss! They are staring at us! What is their deal? A bone for a meal? Gimme a break! How long could sushi take? Now settle down Eva. Remember you're a diva! What's that on your plate? It's those Friskies I hate! I think I have had it! That's it! Time to through a big fit!

That Concierge is quite the fellow. Yes, he's kind and very mellow! How wonderful, my bad mood is quite diminished! How wonderful, our new Pawlour and suite is soon to be finished!

Do you get the feeling we do alot of redecorating? Bring diamonds and emeralds, sapphires and rubys. Gems on a collar, bling on a ring! Bring sophisticated, well mannered, recently groomed fellow felines. Oh, I take that back, just bring cats! Even if they are scruffy, frizzy, kinky, fun and fat! Yes, all that! If you bring friskies, you have to come in the back door and hang with the dogs!

Make a card with tons of bling! Make a card with cats! All kinds! Sophisticated, prim and proper or funny, fat and finicky! Feline's who dine! Hey, you could bring some wine!


This week our destination is Pt. Pleasant, W.Va. If you would like a destination for your card this week, how about sending it to John and Jane Bennett? John and Jane were brought to my attention by fellow Teapotter Cataanne (Carolyn). Jane is Carolyn's neice. Jane's husband John has stage 4 (terminal) lung cancer. He's had several seizures and hospice has been called. All that and he still stays cheerful and upbeat. His wife Jane has had some complications after a gastric by-pass procedure years ago. She is presently having night feedings via a feeding tube and once she has gained some weight, she will have that corrected. Through all of this they both try to remain upbeat and positive!

For more information including John and Jane's address go to Post #255 in the Teapot Tuesday Destination Station thread. Please remember that just because you participate in a Teapot Tuesday challenge that is combined with a card drive request, it does not mean that you are REQUIRED to send your cards. It is totally 100% voluntary!

Here is my card.

Here is a Quick Link to the Teapot Tuesday #171 Challenge Gallery .

Be sure to you use KEYWORD MMTPT171 in your upload and post a comment here so we can all see your card!

Ever want to get a jump on next week's challenge card? SCS has given me permission to create an email Teapot Tuesday Cheater Group and email the challenge out on the Friday before the Tuesday of the challenge so you girls can have the weekend to make your card. Send me a pm with your email address if you wanna be a Cheater!

If you are confused about these challenges, see the first sticky post of this thread for more information. There is also a directory of individual challenges. Feel free to grab this I survived Teapot Tuesday Badge for your blog!
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