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I went shopping with my hubbin the other night at Home Depot. While he was doing his thing, I was strolling along the aisles, doing price checks on items that I might use in crafting. We live in the Midwest, so keep that in mind, when reading the cost of items. While I would love to have name brand stuff for the status, it’s not absolutely necessary, as I’ve had to be frugal with my crafting dollars and have bargain shopped just for the thrill of it. So here’s my list. Mind you, I only purchased one item on this shopping trip and it’s at the bottom of the list along with a photo.

* Cable Ties [handy for tying shelves together in craft room, tiny ones make interesting closures on cards] = $1.99 for 20 yellow, $3.97 for 100 multi-colored plastic ones {I have found these at my local dollar store}

* Clearance Aisle = I always hit the clearance aisle in any store to find good bargains going out of stock.

* Clear Shoebox with lid [storage item] = $1.19 {hit the dollar store instead}

* Drapery Rings with Clips [storage item] = 7 for $7.92, smallest brass curtain rod $4.97. {one might be able to find a used curtain rod at a thrift shop, garage sale or at a discount store such as Big Lots].

* 3M Drywall Sanding Sponge [distressing] = pkg. 2, $4.14

* Grout & Tile Brush [distressing; dry brushing ink & paint] = $1.29

* Electrical PVC Tape [making strips on cardstock; cover flash on camera for special effects] = 66 ft, $3.78 {I recently found a package of colored tape in yellow, red, green, blue, and white at my local dollar store – total length was 60 ft.}

* Magnetic Vent Covers [for keeping Nestie dies in place on Cuddlebug] = 8 x 15 (3 in a pkg.)

* Martha Living Woodgrain Rocker [woodgrain background stamp] = $5.98; Stencil Brushes $2.97; Painting Sponges, $8.97; Stencils $2.98 {hobby stores such as Michaels carry Martha Stewart products also. I use fat kindergarten paintbrushes for stencil brushes that someone gave me. I recently purchased a fat bath sponge at the dollar store. Sometimes they also have stencils. The woodgrain rocker stamp is a good price; I recently purchased one at True Value Hardware store for two dollars more and thought I was getting a deal then.}

* Nashua Multi-Purpose Foil Tape [diecut, emboss] = 50.3 yards, $6.58 {I have found these tapes cheaper at our local liquidation stores & grab them when I see them, but they aren’t a reliable resource, since they purchase damaged goods in odd lots}

* Paint Chips/Strips [background color on card; can be stamped, embossed, die cut] = FREE

* Shower Pan Liner Rubber [mirror stamping] = 5 ft. x 6ft. $32.93 {quite a large size & cost, if you are only going to make one stamp from this rubber, unless you can go together with a bunch of your friends and split the cost}

* Non-Glare Styrene sheet [replacement “glass” in picture frames; flat acrylic mounts; Cuddlebug cutting pad] = 8” x 10” sheet $1.97, Cutter is $3.99.

* Shur-Line Deck Painting Pad [for cleaning rubber stamps] = 9”, $6.97. {Sometime ago, I purchased a plastic Huggies diaper wipes traveling clutch to carry my painting pads in. One pad for the top and one for the bottom – wet and dry surfaces.}

* Sticky-Baked Velcro Tape [wrap around electric cords like heat gun; closures; display cards] = prices range from $2.98 to $8.97; 5’ piece is $6.98

* Transparent Duct Tape = 20 yds., $3.97

* Husky Bucket Jockey [portable storage; good substitute for scrapbook tote] = I just couldn’t pass up the Husky Bucket Jockey. It was $6.98 for the insert. A friend who has a upholstery business said it was a very good price and that one couldn’t make it for that. It’s a long black canvas tube that folds in the middle on the outside and inside of a bucket, with lots of pockets for smaller tools. They also had orange buckets I could have purchased for $2.60 to go with it, but I had a 5 gallon frosting bucket that I got for FREE from our local Walmart Bakery Dept. It varies from Walmart to Walmart – some stores give them away free, unwashed, so bring a garbage bag to carry them in or sometimes they charge a dollar}
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