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Laurie - love the cards. Wish I could come along.....

Party last night was interesting. As we were driving over, the sky was getting darker and darker, and as we were sriving up their street all the neighbours were out watching the sky. Just as we got into the yard the wind started and we all had to help keep the big tarp that they had up stay there. There was a bit of rain and hail, but it only lasted for about 1/2 an hour. But, the ground was drenched. I had little flat sandals on and my feet were filthy when I got home. I had to roll my jeans up a bit so they didn't!get wet which was a really good look!
Browny cracked the sads when he got home from work yesterday. He had organised for Bug (or so he thought) to be here today to washt he truck, but Bug has gone riding. He hasn't been sleeping properly and is tired and cranky. He is still stressed over the hole we were in, he won't slow down until we have 'plenty' of money in the bank - which he thinks will be Christmas. 'I' think he is showing all the signs of depression, but apparetnlyt here is nothing wrong with him. I just hope he can hang out till Christmas without anything happening. He also needs to go to the doctor and get a referral as we think he has sleep apnea, which is a lot of the problem.... MEN We need a new bed - which will probably be our Christmas present. Last night I put a couple of bricks at the top end, which he said was better. I also have him taking some natural tablets that help 'promote relaxing' sleep. He says that he is still waking up quite often, but thinks that he is sleeping better, and feels better for it.
BTW - Browny didn't like the card I made - said it looked like I just threw it toether with no thought. I told him tht it was better than a bought one even if he didn't like it again.....MEN
Today - I have Browny's work clothes washing after soaking them overnight. I have another 2 loads of washing to do - where does it come form??, and am about to start on some of the paperwork, so that Browny knows what he did this last week.
Will try to catch back up later....

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