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Good morning riders! Happy Tuesday!

I have a bit of catching up to do . . . .

First, Iím thankful for 2 monitors . . . read on one and write on the other LOL

Iíve been off sticking great big huge flower power stickers all over the bus. Itís so purdy.

Lesely . . . so sorry to hear the news about your stepdaughter. Good to hear hubby is on the mend. Iím not one to just sit around either so I feel his frustration. Iíd be climbing the walls.

Tate . . . . . the Christmas trees are fantastic! Wow! Whooda thunkit?

Shirt . . . Iíll go leave some love in that gallery as soon as Iím done here. Thanks for the heads up.

Pat . . . that little man is adorable! Such huge eyes wow I canít stop looking at him LOL Love Love LOVE the one of the two of you! I wondered where you disappeared to. I guess now I know LOL Welcome back!

CA . . . congrats!!! Do a little pirouette n curtsey for us will ya? Lookin forward to seeing your Halloween treat bags. Sounds interesting.

Brat . . . happy belated!!!

Now for me? Iíve been stupidly busy. Unpacking boxes that have been packed for years and sorting through it all. Working a 2nd job for a little mad money. I helped my daughter paint her garage trim. The colour she chose is CIL Kiwi Hugs (or something like that). It practically glows! LOL It looks fantastic! For the house sheís chosen Desert Orange. Better than the fuschia thatís on there now. Then the last couple of days Iíve been hanging shelves in the garage and sorting out the stuff thatís still in there from the last clean up. I hung tons of tool hooks. Fell off the ladder one and a half times. The half time was when I saved myself half way down LOL Dropped the hammer on my foot. Got a nice bruise from that and rammed my shin into something sharp and have a gash from that. But everything is done! The rafters are full now LOL DH is gonna pitch a fit when he sees all this but I figure if heíd done it himself, I wouldnít have had to. Then this morning as I was leaving for work, I took a header down the garage stairs. My poor body canít take much more of this abuse. My neighbours put their house up for sale so I figured Iíd best go out and try to make my yard look better for their benefit. I really do not enjoy yard work at all LOL

Keeping everyone in my thoughts today. Have a gooder!
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