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The Destination this week is each other! Every last Tuesday of each month, we will be sending our cards to each other! A little payback and reward to the teapotters for always sending their cards to the recipient of the Destination Station.

It is our goal to surprise each and every Teapotter that is participating participate in this monthly card swap and send their card to in this monthly Tickle a Teapotter card swap with a handmade card from another Teapotter! You know, give em a little tickle! Ha!

To accomplish that I have started a Tickle a Teapotter ~ Scrappin' with Whatserdoodle Poodle Kit N. KaBoodle-Snoodle thread in the Teapot Tuesday Challenge Forum. If you are participating in the card exchange please go this thread and simply post a comment listing your name and the number (in sequence) that you happened to the thread. Now this is where you getta use what you learned at the teaparty this week! Snort! Practice...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...what comes after 6? Okay back to the rules.....

For instance someone will post the first comment using their SCS name and their number in sequence (I am using *Someone* as a sample) It will look like this:

Someone #1
Then the next person comes in and posts:
Second Someone #2

and so on and so on.....and so on and so on.....

Then, I will randomly pick your number and match it to a card made by another participating teapotter and I will pm each of you with your assigned destinations! This won't happen until all cards have been uploaded. I am thinking at least a week so we don't leave anyone out!

Tickle A Teapotter Card Exchange Guidelines!
Since everyone is so excited to get tickled by a Teapotter, I am listing a few guidelines. I take pride in having no rules, that is why I am calling them quidelines! Ha!

1. You will be receiving a short pm from me on Sunday or Monday of next week. It will be short and will simply say.....

In the subject line.........You tickle........

Inside the pm....It will give you the SCSer's name that you are to send your card to.

If you do not receive a pm from me, its cuz something has gone wrong, so please pm me. It's probably operator error, me being the operator! Ha!

2. Please mail your card shortly after you have received word from me regarding who you are tickling! Everyone is excited and looking forward to getting their card!

3. When you receive your card from a Fellow Teapotter, please send a pm to that person so they know their card has been received!

4. If you don't know the address of the person you have been assigned to, don't pm that person to get it. That will ruin their surprise! Just pm me and I will get it for you and keep the surprise in tact!

You get extra cookies if you throw in a couple of fun images with your card. A fun idea suggested by fellow teapotter! I double dawg dare ya to send goofy ones! Snort!

Hope you all have fun with this destination this week!

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