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Originally Posted by fairygirlmichelle View Post
I just want to thank all of you for the wonderful cards. I have a few handfuls that came over the past week. and they have all put a wonderful smile on my face some even gave a tear of joy.

I do want to make sure you are all updated on the situation as i know some of you are prolly wondering what the outcome is right now.

Well the husband signed the settlement agreement for the divorice in my favor leaving him with all the back rent for our old apartment. and me with just the utility bills. Final court date for the judges signature will be December 19th.
I am still at my new place with the help of my parents. Will be for a minimum of 6 months. my folks say it will help me find my way again and get some back bills caught up.
My lil dachshund had her 4 puppies and they are growing up fast pretty soon they will be able to be rehomed with some loving parents that will take good care of them. My parents being one of them. they are keeping the runt. and a good friend of mine is going to take another one. So i am gaurenteed to see at least 2 out of the 4 as they grow up.

and on the best note of all. I found another job and this one is full time. 4 days a week 10 hour shifts. So my ups and downs are starting to level out and become less stressful as the days go on.

Thank you for all the cheer up cards. they work wonders.
Hi Michelle! Good to see you here! I am tickled to get this update...sounds like things are moving along and are positive! Puppies and a new job! Whoo hoo! I know how hard it is to part with pupppies...I am glad you will get to see two grow up!

Sounds like you made out on the better end of the rent situation as well. I am glad that you don't have additional financial worry related to rent. Although believe me, I know utility costs can be pretty high!

Thanks so much....I am tickled you have received your cards and have been happily opening them....there were some prettty cool tatttoos in your gallery!
Thanks so much for joining our group of cheaters and paying it forward, that my friend, is a wonderful thing! Whoo hoo!

Hugs to you...

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