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This is My Story.
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Note: Anyone is welcome to play! You automatically become a Teapotter the first time you play in our challenge. Also, you do not have to write a story. You just have to be inspired by the teapot or by the story about this week's location! Have fun! If this is your first Teapot Tuesday Challenge, please mention that in your commentary so we can be sure to greet you properly, in pure Teapot Tuesday fashion! Your participation in Destination Station is 100% voluntary and not at all required. Just have fun!

This is my story!

1. Okay, so I realize that this teapot is featuring a piano keyboard. It's a musical teapot to be sure! But for some reason it reminds me of something! Something muscial but something way back in the day! I see a boardwalk, a sidewalk, a path, the red carpet with no red, only white with black stripes, a black and white road! Hey, don't laugh, have you ever seen a piano keyboard that is curvy like this? I wonder where this black and white road leads, to tea no doubt!

2. Have you all heard of a famous Film Director by the name of Maraschino Teapollini? You haven't? Duh, I knew that! You haven't heard of him because he's not famous yet! Snort! Maraschino Teapollini is a direct descendant of Maurizio Pollini, the famous pianist, a virtuoso of the highest order with a massive repertory covering several hundred years of piano music! It's no wonder that Maraschino is so muscially inclined! Yes, he can play the piano but that is not his passion! His passion is film and tea!! He can't wait to become the next well known Film Director accepting award after award! He has heard that in order to be successful, you must pursue what you love. Film and Tea! That is his path to success! His lucky break came in the form of Tea Lovin' Munchkins who shared the story of the ultimate musical teaparty executed by the legendary Wizard of Tea! They claim this Wizard of Tea can be found at the end of a very long journey along a brick road! Some say The Wizard is a fraud, that she doesn't exist but Maraschino would never question that! It's his ticket to fame!

3. As teaparty experts, we have been commissioned by the great Maraschino Teapollini to take him to the fun and whimsical Wizard of Tea. He plans to film along the way and enjoy the grand finale, the ultimate muscial teaparty at the end of the journey! Rut roh! Anybody know how to get there? Hey, doesn't this story sound familiar? Wasn't there some Wizard somewhere at the end of some brick road? Yellow has been done! We must break new ground! Think of how we will be rewarded at the ultimate muscial teaparty!

Follow the Black and White Road.
Follow the Black and White Road.

Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow the Black and White Road.

Follow the Black and White, Follow the Black and White,
Follow the Black and White Road.

We're off to see the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Tea.
You'll find she is a whiz of Tea! If ever a Wiz of Tea, It's she!

If ever oh ever a Wiz of Tea there is, The Wizard of Tea is she because,
Because, because, because, because, because.
Because of the wonderful tea she does.

We're off to see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of Tea!

4. Before we even get started it seems our black and white road has run out and the music has stopped!! On to Plan B, we must bring our own musical notes and lay our black and white road as we go! Bring your black and white stripes and your musical notes! A path of piano keys will float Maraschino's boat as well, a musical note in tote!! What a wonderful backdrop to the colorful surroundings! I am sure we will be joined by The Tin Teapot, the Cowardly Critter and that Scarecrow that we just passed that was stuffed with organic tea leaves! We are off on an musical adventure laying our own path of black and white brick as we go.

If you bring something red like sparkley shoes or Maraschino cherries (I know you can't quite get past Teapollini's first name) that's okay as I have heard that 42,000 flying monkeys can be bought with 42,000 cherries and sparkley shoes are fun to click 42,000 times! The Good Witch of the North will be pleased with sparkling sugar and her sister, The Wicked Witch of the East, will melt when we douse her with tea!

If you purposely bring a flying monkey, not only will you have to come in the back door, but you will have to clean up after the ultimate musical teaparty of all time!

Make a card with black and white stripes and a mucisal note. Black and white stripes can be a background, can be a border, can be stripes on your image. Okay, alright! If need be, I will let you off the hook on the musical note because if you bring a flat one, Teapollini will freak! It's called being proactive! Snort!

Extra cookies for things that will keep us out of trouble.....Maraschino cherries, sparkling sugar and melting tea.

This week our destination is Visalia, CA. If you would like a destination for your card this week, how about sending it to Breanne. Breanne was brought to our attention by Fellow Teapotter Tosh (stamps4funinCA). Breanne is a young girl battling MS and the medications she is taking as a result.

For more information on who to mail your card to if you chose to participate, please visit Post #247 in the Destination Station thread. Please remember that just because you participate in a Teapot Tuesday challenge that is combined with a card drive request, it does not mean that you are REQUIRED to send your cards. It is totally 100% voluntary!

Here is my card.

Here is the wonderful card Tosh (Stamps4funinCA) made for Breanne!

Here is a Quick Link to the Teapot Tuesday #164 Challenge Gallery .

Be sure to you use KEYWORD MMTPT164 in your upload and post a comment here so we can all see your card!

Ever want to get a jump on next week's challenge card? SCS has given me permission to create an email Teapot Tuesday Cheater Group and email the challenge out on the Friday before the Tuesday of the challenge so you girls can have the weekend to make your card. Send me a pm with your email address if you wanna be a Cheater!

If you are confused about these challenges, see the first sticky post of this thread for more information. There is also a directory of individual challenges. Feel free to grab this I survived Teapot Tuesday Badge for your blog!
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