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Originally Posted by hedgiemama View Post
Cindy, You are doing the right thing to stand up for your son. Good for you! It isn't fun dealing with it, but your perserverence will pay off. Hold your head high!

Welcome JennJenn! I am so happy you posted! I hear you on the manipulation, big time.

I can not stand to see him, hear his voice or speak of him. It makes me ill still when I think of all the pain he has caused. But, given none of the above occur I now forget about him the rest of the time. I rarely think about our marriage and don't rehash. It has taken me a long time to get where I am, we continued to have multiple court dates over things until just a year ago. I have gone one year without a court date as of this month.

I would become very nervous prior. One time I backed into a parked car the day before. I was afraid really, that I would not see a pedestrian or something I was so overwrought. So please know I can relate to the jitters.
It was really fun though last summer when he got mad and threw his pen during the proceedings. I took great pleasure in that moment!!

Cindy, have your lawyer walk you out of the courtroom first and get out of building quickly with your lawyer.

Sue, thanks for commenting! Very much appreciated!

I am not using a lawyer. I had a USELESS one last time that took me for a $2K retainer and did little work and basically screwed me over. Long story there. I did it all myself!!! We'll see how it goes, but my lawyer was such a waste last time, I couldn't justify it. Once it was over, when I had questions and ongoing issues, she never returned my calls anyway. I had to deal with half of it on my own as it was.

Glad I am not the only one that gets nervous. It's just that whole environment, and the judges I have been before are very cold and almost rude. Where is Judge Judy when you need her! I know she'd LOVE me! I hate sitting out in that hallway waiting and waiting.... plus, I have anxiety and borderline depression issues. I hope I can keep it together. Next year I hope to have the money just to pay for it on my own and not even involve him at all.
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